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Hello. I typically post on my350z, username jining, hello guys!

I am going to be moving on to a new project with my g35 so I have a fully working turbo setup for an Infiniti g35 or 350z that can essentially be dropped into the car and ready to go so it would be a hassle free swap over. This is a full motor/transmission with turbos/intercooler/piping already tuned, ready to be dropped into a car. This allows you to have twin turbos without the headache of piecing together the kit and getting the tune, as it is already proven to work with this set-up.


2 GT2871 water/oil cooled ballbearing turbos (not the new lame journal bearing oil cooled ones, these are the original tuner kit turbos that are more desirable for big power)
Forge Motorsports actuators
VQ35DE (complete engine stockblock)
deatschwerks injectors/cjm rails
Utec with tune already done
Cd009 tranny with new (less than 200 miles) twinplate exedy carbon clutch
HKS EVC VI boost controller
APS intercooler + turbo piping
APS Oil Pan
APS Coolant Reservoir
APS Downpipes
APS 2.5" Dual Exhaust
Worx Tuning BOV
Z1 Silicon Hoses
Motordyne Spacer
Bunch of other stuff I forgot to mention I am sure.

Last dyno run was 430rwhp/400tq. This set-up is still in my car (that I never drive) but I will uninstall everything once a deposit is received, I don't want to remove it all and have the buyer back out.

Asking $10k, pm me if interested or if any questions at all, I am located in Lynnwood WA.
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