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FS: NEW DC Sport Headers

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I Have a set of DC Sport Headers that are new, 580 - best offer. call me please. John @ 912-432-9146 ( If shipping isnt expensive ill pay, a deal will be worked out ) I live in MA. zip: 01129


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Price can be worked out, need to sell, finanical issues :(
i got these a lil while back but now i've been told you can buy them new for $490-520
ill start best offer with the new price set at 475
Are those ceramic coated?

I might be interested in those.

Hit me with a PM so I do not lose the thread
i left you a comment on your profile, i cant send PMs to anyone for some reason, i've tried to the other day, thought it was a website problem but it wouldnt send to you just now. yes, they are. and ill pay 30-40 bucks for the shipping.
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