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FS: New 350Z Track

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Just trying to gauge who's interested or knows someone who's interested in buying a new 350Z Track?

I think most people know that my first 350Z Track was stolen and insurance are replacing it with a new one. I haven't picked it up yet and just trying to see what kind of money i can get for it.

PM me!
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Idea, sell it for the most you can get, then buy a 1yr old one and put a APS TT on it with the left over cash ;)
What are you looking at getting as a replacement?
Why not keep it? bored of the zed already? hehe
As I told him via PM once you add in the stamp duty you aren't far off the retail price anyway.

I was even considering updating to a new colour myself. Maybe just get some more mods to make it feel new all over again. :)
The Zed has lots of power and looks fantastic but i feel the interior is lacking and also the lack of extra seats is beginning to become a pain.

I was looking at the VW Golf R32 as a replacement car, it can fit 4 adult passengers comfortably, has an immaculate interior, is still a V6 (3.2L) and has AWD.

But it is highly unlikely that a VW dealer would do a straight swap (?) of the 350Z Track (which costs more then the Golf R32) with a Golf R32. So i'm left with having to try and sell the 350Z.

I did call a VW dealer and they said that they'll try and work something out but i'll need to take ownership of the car before anything can happen. Anyway... still at square one in other words.
Melb350Z - you would be surprised just how flexible insurance companies can be when it comes to payouts, especially when they can save money.

My suggestion is that you contact the insurance company and tell them that you will gladly accept a VW R32 in lieu of the Z. If as you say, the Golf is cheaper than the Z, point this out to them as they will jump at the opportunity to save a few thousand $$$ and will give you a new Golf.

It's a win / win situation for both parties and I'd be surprised if they don't accomodate you.

This would mean you don't have to go through the hassle of selling the Z for less than its worth and then putting your hand in your pocket to buy the R32.

You got notthing to loose by proposing this to your insurer.
Or you may lose.

Basically in this situation you're asking for the claim to be settled outside of the policy conditions and therefore it becomes a "negotiated settlement" where the insurance company can dictate terms to a certain extent.

You would probably need to dangle a carrot of a few thousand $'s to make it more worthwhile.
List price for list price, the Golf R32 is $63K and the 350Z Track is $66K. So about a $3K price difference, however the Golf R32 is a limited run car, there were only 200 brought into Australia and not many dealers have them in stock. I only know of one dealer that has a R32 in the colour i want.

So i'm thinking it would cost more to buy in comparison to the 350Z as the 350Z are readily available?

I might put the idea forward anyway, who knows what the insurance company will say!
Just as long as your aware that the R32 is still a VW Golf and AWD is not necessarily better.

Yeah who knows what they will say, they could say you had your car stolen so you could get a brand new R32 Golf.
MELB350Z - have you been for a good run in the golf? IMHO it's a beaut car, but you might as well have an STI for the same money and the performance to boot. I have a R32 and a z - and performance-wise the z is far superior, and then the STI is a notch up again.

Both the R32 and the STI have a utilitarian aspect not available in the
z of course.

Oh, and yeah, I have had an STI coupe.


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Melb350Z - you cannot loose in a negotiation with the insurance co over the R32. No insurance co worth thier salt would turn down $3000.

I am guessing that the insurers may have a deal with the motor companies that they pick up their cars for less than RRP, so they would be able to buy the Z cheaper that $66K. My only concern with the VW would be that because it is a limited run, the insurers may not get much of a discount off the RRP.

Have you tried asking them for the money instead of the car, so you can buy the R332?

Frosty - I notice the NSW plates on the purple R32. Is that your son's Z replacement?
Notice the number plate towards the left and part of the sky, those areas would normally be blue, so hes used Photoshop to adjust all the blue in the photo.

You've got to watch him. ;)
Yeah Jelly - real pic following:

Shuddup Muzza!


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This site has "rude" things AND no one seems to mind too much!

As always

MELB350Z - during my negotiations I managed a few deals that might be of interest to you - all in Melbourne, BTW.

4000k - $49000 delivered to Ncle
Nil mileage - $63000 likewise

Sorry about the colour confusion - they are only available in silver, blue and black.

Since mostly hairdressers buy them, I thought pink might be appropriate
- like in hairdryer!


Harry, I think the hairdressers might mind that one. ;)

Good thinking Billious.
Yeah i had a look at the STI but i'd prefer the R32, mainly because i like the interior more and it's a 6 cylinder, zero turbo lag as well.

I know the STI outstrips the R32 performance wise but that isn't my main deciding factor. The R32 is more of a sleeper as well and would attract less attention from the police. Also insurance on the STI would be insane!!!

Hey Frosty, what do you mean by "4000k - $49000 delivered to Ncle
Nil mileage - $63000 likewise"???

I also briefly touched on the subject of a payout with insurance but they said as i'm the first owner of the 350Z and it was only 10 months old they would give me a new car.

PS - That's a bit harsh about it being a hairdresser car! If it was a Z3 i would agree!
MELB350Z - evidently VW give these cars to their executives - motoring writers, etc, 'caus there's 3 or 4 around with 3000 - 5000 k on them.

VW gets a tax cut with these vehicles, somehow, I believe.

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