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FS: Brand New AVIC-N1 Great Price!

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Alright guys, here's the deal. I can get one Pioneer AVIC-N1 BRAND NEW retail box, not refurbished. I have a deal through my work on one unit where I can get this special deal, so I thought I'd take up the offer and make a few $. I can also get these accessories if the buyer is interested:

- Wireless remote
- Voice kit
- Backup camera

One catch though, since it's meant to be for me only, it's a not for resale version...meaning I'm supposed to be keeping it lol. Anyways, what I'll do is register it in my name, and give you all the info, so if you have any warranty issues or whatever, you'll have all my info.

Price is $1,400 OBO SHIPPED

Once I submit my order to Pioneer they say 4-6 weeks before I recieve it, so just to let you know I couldn't ship it out right away....but just wanted to have it sold by the time I get it.

If you are interested and want any of the accessories I need to know ASAP.

PM me if interested
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maybe Im missing something , but I believe I've seen few sites selling them for $1398...
Shipped? Remember, my price is OBO
It may not have been shipped LBSOHK, but the warranty would be in your name at least.
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