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Found best time for Old Pacific Hwy

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I was driving back to Sydney from Newcastle this arvo and decided to take a detour and go via the old pacific hwy. Amazing!!! NO CARS! Well.. about 3 each way from Hornsby to the end of the stretch after Road Warriors cafe! And I did it 3 times! :shiftdrive: Mt White to Hornsby, back to Mt White and back to Sydney. :irock:

I love that road. I was too afraid to switch the VDC off, and it kicked in a few times around the 2nd gear corners. Anyway, was good fun. So if anyone wants the Old Pacific to themselves... peak hour on friday arvo is the best time!!!
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I was too afraid to switch the VDC off

Good to see you're having fun, but I can't remember last time I had the VCD on. I can't have any 'fun' while its on ... I switch it off as soon as I get in the car.
Weekdays during sunlight hours are the best time to go for a hoon on any fun road. Most of the street warriors work during the week, and so you'll only get the occasional tourist.

I used to do the Old Pac every 2 days and I'd only encounter a handful of cars between Cowan and Sommersby on each occasion, which means I could easily pass and continue on my merry way.

Its not like the weekend, where every man and his bike is clogging up the road during the day and you'll get 2-3 clubs doing runs at night.

I've done the Nasho run a few times during the day and its the same thing. Less than a dozen cars, all spaced out and easily passed, between Loftus and Stanwell.
I'm not sure about the VDC, but the TCS can be remarkably sensitive. I've had it kick in when there's been no wheelspin (or so minor that you want to get a little slip).

If you run the same sized tyres all round you'll have to drive with it off all the time, or otherwise it just kicks in for shits and giggles rather than because there's any actual wheel slip.
Shits and giggles?
i.e. whenever it thinks it'd be annoying and/or funny in its own opinion.

i.e. at totally bizarre times, when there's no actual need for it.
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