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Please take the time to read these rules and regulations regarding the use of the website and forum. By registering with this website & forum, you agree to be bound by these and any future amended "Rules & Regulations." If you do not wish to be bound by these "Rules & Regulations," please email the administrator who will delete your account.

1. Moderation of Posts: Any post or thread found to be of an inappropriate nature, such as bad language, or pictures, illegal in any way, including the poster not owning the copyright, will be moderated or removed. Anyone found to be posting such threads will be advised of that fact. Should the person or persons concerned continue to post such threads, a warning will be given, followed by a ban from the forum if the issue did not improve.

2. Bumping: Topics cannot be bumped within 24 hours of the last post, you will be given only one warning before your topic is locked.

3. Banning: Before a BANNING is performed, the person concerned will receive an e-mail from the ADMINISTRATION TEAM. This action will be a private matter between the ADMINISTRATION TEAM and the MEMBER concerned, and under no circumstances must the matter be taken to the forums; this will not be tolerated.

4. E-Mail and PM system: These are in place for everyone’s benefit, and abuse of these systems will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be using these services to be abusive to other members or companies, or using it to SPAM, might have that function removed.

5. Other Websites: Under no circumstances must any other website be abused on this site, nor the company which is represented by that site.

6. Opinions of members: We are all entitled to our opinions, but please do not use this forum as a base to abuse other members or companies either in person or about their product or services. Anything considered unsuitable, or anything that could place this site and its owners in an inappropriate situation will be moderated or removed.

7. Technical section: recommends that you take professional advice from a qualified vehicle technician before carrying out any repairs on a vehicle following advice given on the site. will not be held responsible for any damage caused by following incorrect advice given; you do so at your own risk.

8. Pictures: Any picture posted on this site must be of an appropriate nature; no racist, hardcore, or nudes. Any pictures of this sort will be immediately removed and a warning issued to the poster. Repeat offenses will result in temporary or permanent ban. Pictures 'borrowed' from a company site should be clearly stated as such (i.e. I like these Volk wheels that such and such company is selling at a great price.).

9. Vehicle & Personal Details: To protect yourself, DO NOT post any details that show your Registration, Vin/Chassis, or Engine numbers. In addition please do not publish any details of your address. This is to protect yourself from any unwanted solicitation or SPAM, and will not be responsible if you do.

10. Commercial adverts: Unless authorised by the forum administration, no Company may advertise on this forum. Commercial adverts must be checked by the forum admin to ensure they benefit the members, by way of a discount on a service or component. Any commercial post will be deleted, unless authorised. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please GO HERE

11. Other Links: or the Administration will not be held responsible for the content of any links followed from the "Google" advert links or "Main Site" links. Members following any links to 3rd party sites do so at there own risk. Those caught deliberatly posting a harmful link will be dealt with harshly (like those pop-up joke sites that lock up the computer). Do not post links to stupid sites that earn you fake dollars or points if you dupe someone into clicking the link. Threads will be locked and a warning given. Repeat offenders will get a temporary ban.

12. These rules are correct and in-use as of the 25 December 2004, they supersede all other rules, and they may be amended at any time. Please check on a regular basis.

13. The decisions of and its administration is final.

14. Forum, it's administration or any Company offering services or advice on the site WILL NOT get involved in any legal action between members and any Company they deal with. (For instance, between members and dealers following advice given on the site which resolved an issue with a vehicle.)

15. Any post or thread that would put the Site or the site owners in a liable position will be deleted, and must not be resubmitted. Anyone found doing so would be banned from the site, no questions asked!

16. Signature Rules: There will be no advertising of any non paying sponsors on Your sigature may be changed or deleted by an admin or a moderator with or without warning. Abuse of this system will not be tolerated and you may end up being banned!

PLEASE NOTE: Each Forum section on this site may have additional rules applying to that specific forum, i.e. the FOR SALE section. These should be read in conjunction with the above "STANDARD" rules and regulations.

This thread must be read in conjunction with the
"Privacy Policy" which can be found HERE Admin
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