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Like a kid a Disneyland, like a virgin sneaking into a sorority house, like get the picture.

Yes, you read that right she's finally home now. I hate to start this thread w/o pics of the finished product, but I couldn't wait to tell everyone. I will post threads asap tomorrow!!!

I picked up my Z around 430 with Todd (aka 350zdcalb) and went for a good long drive. Eventhough I kept it under 3500RPMs, she was begging for more but my will was strong. Crazy though, eventhough I kept it low, with my new wastegate springs that are rated for 11.5psi, boost kept creeping up on me. At one point I saw 5psi. The original plan was to wait like 2 weeks for the tuning, but I think I will have to cut that back to 1 week because it might be too risky to try and keep my boost down. Don't worry though, it was street tuned up to 4000 RPMS and is safe to drive. I will definately put at least 1k miles on it for the breakin period. I will wait to give reviews on things such as the new ATS Twin plate carbon clutch after a week of driving. But, I will say launching could never be easier, and it never even died on me.
And the body kit, OMFG, so freakin SIC!!! If you thought my Z was low before...Just wait for those pics.
Since I don't list my mods in my sig, here is a list of the goodies on her now:
My Mods:
Items with an * are newly installed during my Forged Internals Project
Initial D Front bumper*
Initial D Rear bumper*
GReddy side skirts
Stillen rear spoiler*
One Z on my Rear bumper*
Z-Xtreme grounding kit (blue)*
Polished Plenum*
JIC Strut bar Polished
Polished Radiator Cooling Panel
Samco Sport Hose kit(Blue)*
Tein Hood Dampers custom painted blue*
Nismo rad cap
Eibach Lowering Springs
Custom Painted Battery Cover
Custom Painted Brake fluid cover
Custom Painted Pwr Steering cap
Z license plate
Custom Valentine1 Radar Mount*
Volk SF Challenge in Rays Metal Coat* ON THE WAY, I GOT TRACKING #S!!!!
tires: BF Goodrich g-force TA KDW*
245/35r19 front
285/35r19 Rear

GReddy Twin Turbo with
.8Bar Tial Wastegate springs* aka 11.5psi
GReddy Profec e-01 boost controller
GReddy Timing Harness
GReddy Turbo Timer* with CF plate
GReddy EO-1 to emange wire*
GReddy Type RS blow off valve*ON THE WAY
ATS Twin Plate Carbon Clutch*
Forged Internals:
Pauter Connecting rods*
Arias pistons 8.6:1 CR*
ARP Main studs*
ARP Head studs*
ARP Rod bolts*
Walbro 255 fuel pump
AAM Fuel Return System*
RC 550s fuel injectors*
Defi BF series:
Boost gauge*
Oil Press gauge*
EGT Gauge*
Defi Control Box*
Autometer single pod*
AEM AFR gauge*
APS Oil Pan*
Stillen Race Pipes
Stillen SS Exhaust Dual Wall tips
NGK one step colder plugs
UR racing pulley set(blue)*
Koyo Aluminum Radiator*
B & M short shifter
Hawk HPS high performance brake pads
NX switch panel(future NX intercooler sprayer)

SpeedLab in Albuquerque, NM: Rebuilt the engine and now working on Todd's rebuilt Z. This will definately be the place for Z rebuilds in this little foreign country I call New Mexico My sponsor, this is where I bought my TT, gauges, wheels and lots of other goodies.
Performance Nissan for my new crank and few other rebuild goodies such as bearings.
Sharif (aka gq_626) for being a TT fountain of knowledge.
Everyone else on the "forums" that put up with my whinny a$$ while my Z was getting a transplant.
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Congrats Ernie!!!!! You are going to have one sick a$$ Z. In a few weeks let the new stories begin!!

Thanks, its so hard to drive like a granny during the break in!
Congratulations Ernie! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Keep us up to date and have fun "puttering" around for awhile...then turn her loose.
Congrats on getting her finished, now post some freakin pictures!!!

I have to get my car finished up soon too, I am about 80% with the parts but still have yet to get things installed. Hopefully in a few months time.
Awesome! I can't wait to see your pics Ernie!
Whoo HOO! :chorusline: That's great news Ernie! :clap: I bet you are so ready to just mash that pedal down and let 'er rip! :shiftdrive:
**** Deep, you did your body kit exactly the way that I planed to do mine. I also was going to update with pic real soon but I only have the front bumper and a carbon hood. I can't wait to see what it looks like!! I wish I could feel what it drives like!!! :irock: :yourock: :irock:
Finally some pics...mind you...
1) Crappy light this morning
2) I haven't detailed the beast
3) Volks SF-Challenge are coming in next week
4) Yeah, I still have the headlight covers on, still debating.

Here you can see the local Himalayas in the background...


Shameless plug, :)

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Engine Bay pics...

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Didn't even realize I still have the shop tag on my keys,lol.

Bad pic of the turbo timer

NX switch panel for future FMIC sprayer

CF Plate for Profec coming soon.

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:faint: :drool: :yourock:
No words can express how beautiful that is.

I cannot wait to see it with the wheels.

You're my hero.
wow....looks awesome (just get rid of the headlight covers....they don't go with the car in my opinion)
amazing, simply amazing.

you're my hero too...
Thanks everyone!

The jury still out whether or not to keep the headlight covers. Comments welcomed.

Looks incredible ernie. My vote is nay on the headlight covers though. Besides that absoultely stunning. Cant wait to see rim pics
Ernie - congrats on finally getting your ride done :cheers:
Hope that the frist 1000 or so miles go quickly, as I'm dying to read one of your kill stories!!! :yourock:

I'd suggest the removal of the covers. Maybe have boodiemike do the headlights for you & sweet talk Josh (Toykilla) into doing your tails.

Maybe like mine:


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