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350z gas gauge fix

My son recently gave me his 2004 350z (October 2022) with about 100k miles. It has a few minor problems to take care of. He has previously replaced the floats in both sides of the gas tank (behind the seats) but the gas gauge isn't working again. I was getting ready to replace them (again!) but read somewhere (maybe here?) that using a fuel cleaner solved the problem. The person giving the advice used Super Tech (walmart's brand of auto products) Motor Treatment (about &7.50) to solve the problem. I figured I'd try the same thing before buying expensive parts and doing the labor myself.

I had a minimal amount of gas in my tank when I put the product in (at Walmart's parking lot just after buying it). I drove less than a mile to the grocery store. My gas gauge was already reading something again. I decided I should have more than a few (maybe 5?) gallons of gas in the tank so I went from the grocery store to a gas station about half a mile away and put in another five gallons of gas. Per the instructions I had read online, I didn't fill the tank. I drove home, giving the concentrated product a chance to work its magic! (The gas gauge already read almost half full though!)

A while later I went on another errand. I decided to go ahead and fill the tank. When I did, my gas gauge read FULL. Hallelulah! My non working gas gauge appears to be fixed! (Btw, I bought a second bottle of Super Tech Motor Treatment in case the first use didn't totally fix the problem. I'm going to go ahead and use it with my next fill-up just for good measure.)

I heartily suggest you try this fix yourself before changing any parts on your car. For just $7.50 plus tax this product fixed my problem. Maybe it will fix yours too! Be sure to post here if it does! This was WAY easier than replacing parts!

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