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First run EVER 13.93

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I have never been on a track before in my life. And well, the Z did really well. My goal was to break 14 seconds, and my first run was 13.98 at 100.4MPH.

The second run (my best of the night) was 13.93 at 100.76.

After that the track started getting loose and I ran low 14s. Of course, 90% of the cars were Fbodies and Vettes heavily modified running low 12s or better so it was very intimidating. I need to go on an import shootout night. Not Domestic shootout night I think. Anyone who thinks a Z has a chance against a modded SS is crazy, or very very rich (and I would love to see it)

But what a blast, at the end of the track it all gets blurry and everything is such a rush! Heres the slip. Vids to come:


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Also, I weighed in at 3475, had everything loaded, carpets, tired. I aired the rears down to 26PSI and I think it helped until the track got loose.

Also, I think this car, with a good driver, on a good track, can hit 13.7. I feel confident of that. I kept spinning it badly and hoppig the rear tires, even on the shift to second.

Videos at
Sweet! I'm so proud! :cry: Way to represent for us!
Traction at launch IS the hardest part by far...
That's true. Once you get it, it's like a rocket from there. I love the way it flies down the runway.
That's so awesome man!

Great job!!!

Great vids too!

That's an awesome job for a first timer! I haven't done it yet, but I know it's not easy to launch this car... much less run as low as you did! Props!
Great times! You pretty much are dead even with my best time so far
Awsome job. I can't wait to go to the strip. I just want an APS kit to go along with me to the track...
Well now as far as my first mod I want slicks, but the tech guy told me thats the quickest way to break stuff... I believe him...

Looks like I will have to lower my ET by making up for a bad start, not correcting it... at least for now. I ran well and am proud, thanks all!!
Originally posted by ssgtbarclay@Dec 16 2004, 01:35 AM
Awsome job. I can't wait to go to the strip. I just want an APS kit to go along with me to the track...

It was cool though, the big boys didnt give me any crap, and they liked my car. I didnt talk trash too, thats probably helped.

The supercharged SS in the first raced really spooked me. His first race was a 12.4 something at 120!! (he let off early so he wouldnt be in the 11s for some IHRA rules).

Also, there was wierdness too, a bone stock Avalanche running in the high 16s

- a freaky Civic in the 16s

- a guy in an Volvo S40 ran against me once with a buddy, and ran a 17seconds, WHILE TALKING ON A CELL PHONE!!!. He got pissed I whopped him, so he came back for a seroous race, burnout and all, and I still whooped him :shiftdrive:

Lets see, a tricked out Dodge SRT4 was hanging with the V8s and had the loudest BOV I ever heard.

I supposedly stock LT1 seems to have gottel a 13.4 et, and I was hoping to beat him, guess not!

A sleeper WRX there I was hoping to compete with was running low 13s.

Motorcycles are FAST and CRAZY.

9 Second Mustangs are LOUD!
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By the way, feel lucky. Your track is about 10 times nicer than any around here.

And drags are definitely the way to break stuff. The car was meant to give a little when it comes to traction, not instantly hook with all the power it can. I wouldn't try it, especially since your car is new.

Glad you had a good time.
Great first run, Zboy!. Try to work on the R/T a little but that will get better with practice. I have yet to hit the track, but hopefully I'll get a crack at it when I go to Englishtown this Spring (Julian is putting together a pretty big Z race/meet day).

Thanks for sharing the videos.
Oh yeah my RT was AWFUL. glad I didnt care about it because it was like 1 to 1.5 Maybe next time I go I will shoot for .5. I really should start at the first or second yellow lol. Man my RT was Baaaaad.

Thank my WS6 driving buddy Shane for the vids too... his clutch started acting goofy, and he already got his 12.6 so he decided hed do the vids for me.

What fun!
I love watching Z's race. I have quite a few vids saved on my computer.....

Can't wait to get out and finally do it myself!
I may be trying an AutoX soon... I heard its much much more work though. Plus I dont have the Brembos, and I am not sure my brakes are up to par yet...
That's another one that I want to try. Much more prep is involved though.

Yeah, it'll put a good deal of stress on the stock brakes for sure.

What were the track conditions like on your runs? It kinda looked as if the track was damp...maybe it's an illusion....
I started early. The track was very dry, but it was cool @ 55F.

My first runs were best. But, after a while the track started to feel gritty. i dont know what that means, but it was defintly different, you could clearly feel it.
My stock brakes on my Touring edition worked fine when I autox for the first time. It was a blast. Be sure to turn the traction control off tho.
Great job! The best run I had the first time I tracked my Z was a 14.0 at 99.7mph.
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