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**** nice - totally different to the Z of course.
4wd computer controlled, tons of power, very responsive and steers like on rails. I suspect that the tyres are big gumballs since right now it's pi**ing down, and I made my 100k corner quite without noticing @ 85!

But, "OH JOY", the gearbox - mr Nissan - go for a drive. ! ! !

Just like the old beetles had the box of the day, now likewise!

But still the Z for me!

Will give it a good workout when run in.


Smooth as:

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APS is a 1yr warrantee from the posts in our old forum.

I'm still under the impression that a well setup TT 350z can outclass an r32.

Maybe i'm just dreaming. :headshake:

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Hey Frosty, have you lined up the R32 with the Zed yet? I'd expect the Zed to win, but I'd still would like to hear how it went and if there is any point/speed where the R32 can keep up.

A quick look in the mags shows the R32 high 6 to low 7s car to 100kph, and 16 - 17sec to 160kph. Looking at the numbers in the 'Sports Auto' mag it looks like by the time the R32 reaches 140kph, the 350Z should he doing around 150 - 155kph.

Here's the info/date for the R32 from 'Sports Auto' ... you might find it interesting:

- weight dirstribution = 62/38% (front/back)
- pertrol tank volume = 62L
- Brake disk size = 334/256mm (front/back)
- cw Value = 0.31
- Rear lift at 200kph = 35kg

Lat times:
- Nurburgring = 8:37
- Hokenheim KK = 1:20.7

- 0-60kph = 3.3sec
- 0-100kph = 7.1sec
- 0-160kph = 16.6sec
- 0-200kph = 27.8sec
- 80-120kph (in 4th gear) = 5.7sec
- Top Speed = 247kph

- 100-0kph = 37.1m
- 200-0kph = 149.0m (5.3sec)

ps. How does it feel in terms of chasis? ie. like FWD or RWD?

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DAVID: Nah, it's in Sydney and I'm in Newcastle - about once a month we meet.

Then it's 2 Z's and the R32 - probably a couple of weeks yet.

Probably just as well, 'caus it's still very new, and I'm one for running in thoughtfully, (while not being too soft on them.)

I'll give some details 'soon as.

Those times/speeds are very interesting. Tah.


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Golf R32 is an amazing piece of work, they had plenty of reviews everywhere with it between the STi and the EVO, but because it was N/A it came in last.

Now with the F/I TT kit from HPA motorsports it has supercar results, better than ferrari results for the money!!!

HPA R32 stage I and stage II kits
vids n dynos included

0-60 = 3.2sec
11.49 = 1/4mile
550hp & 580ft/lbs torque

19psi kit, wow, too bad, I live in Toronto, and the R32 hasnt been approved for entry into canada :lame:
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