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You guys are witnessing the very FIRST APS TT kit to set foot on U.S. Soil right here in NJ at MRC MOTORSPORTS!!! MRC is the EXCLUSIVE APS 350Z TT kit dealer for the North East!!!And we have procured in our filthy little hands the VERY FIRST, thats right the first APS kit to hit the states and by Sat/Sun will have the ONLY APS TT car on the road in the U.S., Possibly the continent of North America!! For now...LOL we got 5 more kits sceduled for delivery in the next few weeks and have only 3 left!!So hurry up and reserve yours now!!
Well enough of the BS here are the pics!!
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Look at the quality of the manifolds!!!They really paid attention to detail..
Each part has an APS logo as well as part number stamped on it.
And they even qauilty inspect each part prior to dispatch!!
Look at the quality of this intercooler!!
Look at the quality of the welds..And the intercooler appears to have a "JET HOT" coating on it..
You should post some pictures of the new Z that MRC has just recently acquired... actually, make it another thread. Now I know you have more pictures of the turbo kit so get to it. :D
This site was crashing..WTF..I posted over at the other forums..But here goes..
Ladies and gentleman...Meet Mr. Garrett!!!
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Sweet mother of god. I cant wait for the install pics. This should be an exciting year for the Z!

WOW!!! Those looks AMAZING I can't wait to see your end result.
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thx julian for posting this over here, and it looks amazing!! we are in the processof gettign a new server as we speak!! sorry for the inconvenience
The Kit is sick.. Like Jullian said, if all goes well, we should be on the road by Sunday and debuing the car in Freehold at the Custom Showoff car show... Check it out if you are in the Tri-state area!! We will also be at Hot Import nights in AC on the 23rd! Stay tuned for more pics and dyno results in the near future!

Here is the link for the show and be sure to check us out at
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The build looks so nice! Who is the lucky chap that gets this one? great pics so far.
Some more pics..Here is the first time anyone in the US is seeing APS's TRUE plug n play harness for the ECU..Simply sick..
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We are starting tomorrow night..
I need my BOOST!
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Awesome Guys!!! Can't wait to see the finished product and the #'s that go along w/ it! Rock on!!!!!!
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