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NISMO has released the US version of the bodykit. Prices seems pretty decent and the fit is supposed to be right on the dot. THese are the best prices so far:
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Thanks for the links Steve! I just seriously scraped my front lip underspoiler coming out of a parking lot, arGH!!! They have it for $60--worth it instead of trying to sand that biach down....

As far as the body kit goes, I don't think I really can get a front lip around here, It would be destroyed in a week. We've been thinking about sideskirts, but I am liking the GReddy ones better than the Nismo ones. Good find tho.....
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personally . it doesnt take much to make a 350 look nice.. a nice front lip, some rims . idk i just like the origanl look over anything too wild.
im with ya dtm, i like the simple look maybe a lip and a subtle looking spoiler
I love my little factory spoiler! Very sleek looking, nothing over the top. I like stealth~
Originally posted by jinxxycat@Aug 7 2004, 02:22 PM
I love my little factory spoiler!  Very sleek looking, nothing over the top.  I like stealth~

Haha. I hate the OEM turd
Thinkin' a lip wouldn't hurt. Scraped that underspoiler thingy a few weeks ago...glad to see it's not a $100.00 item! how do people lower there Z's and live with curbed entrances to stores?

Love my little OEM spoiler too...just right! Can't mistake it for a clothes line or Ironing board...LMAO

Or a Bus stop shelter


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LMAO Pam! Yeah I don't know how people can lower the Z and still get around, mind you Pgh is in the mountains tho, lots of lows and highs to get you just in the right place...I wouldn't be able to lower and put a lip on. It would be destroyed...
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