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Fiberglass box progress

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No, I can't build you one. Its a PAIN IN THE ASS!

But so far its starting to look nice!

I got the idea from active tuning, so thanks goes out to them.

I will have it painted Daytona Blue after I have sanded the crap out of it (as you can see it needs it). But I think its gonna work!

I am sticking an Elemental Designs eD12a.22 sub in it

Its a bad ass sub. I HIGHLY recommend them. I am running 1000 watts RMS to it from a Hifonics Zeus 1000D with 0 Guage Stinger HPM wire and a 1f Stinger Cap.
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works fine for me... here are the pictures


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Thanks for doing that!!!! I see you went to an extra bit of trouble and I appreciate it!

BTW can you tell I am going to be sanding my ass off this weekend. I am going to REALLY try and have it pained and installed by monday. I am sooo excited.
that is going to be a ton of sanding.. you better get a power sander..

i was giong to produce stock sub location boxes, and it just turned out to take too much time.. of which i dont have these days..if i had a week straight i could come up with something, but i probably will not have any free time over the next 2.5 years :(
np !
oh yea.. better get some gloves for that sanding project , if you get it done over the weekend - you're the man
I have a power sander, and 40 grit paper, lots of it. I have already sanded some, so I know what i am up against. I didnt think about getting some goo dleather work gloves for this, but you know what that would reall yhelp, thanks for the suggestion!
By the way, I have been working on this for about two months now, school has made it very tough, but its a big big project. I think it will be worth it in the end, but for those of you wondering why Nazars box and JBL boxes are so much, well try this, and you will never again wonder why.

I think it would take at least 1000 bucks to convince me to do this for someone else...
Props to you! That looks awesome! Keep up the good work!

Looks very clean for you to have done it yourself. Keep us updated.
Also, please keep in mind, I know it does not look finished. I really did not want to post the pics till it was done. But somoene on the Elemental Designs forums wanted to see it since its been so long, so I figured what the heck. And of course I had to show yall too.

If its not silky smooth when its done, its not staying in. So right now please consider it very very very rough. I have 220 grit paper waiting till the very end. LOTS of sanding to do...

I cant wait till its done....
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Is it blue in that picture or is it just me?
photochop to show what it should look like when done.

I am going to have it painted daytona blue, and the sub is black... lemme see if i can find a picture of the sub...
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Very cool, can't wait to see the finished project!!!! :biggrin:
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