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Feeler: RC car for possible sale

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After the interest lately with RC cars, I was reminded of how little I use mine. I'm so 'obsessed' with stuff for my Z and how I want to do more with her, I don't think I have time for all my toys. So I'm thinking of selling my RC car.

Here's a list of what it is:

HPI Racing RS4 Sport 2 kit
Futaba Magnum Sport 2 channel RC
Battery charger
2 6-cell 7.2V Ni-Cd batteries
2 190mm Lexan bodykits (Porsche 911 turbo & Skyline R34)

It's AWD with a Futaba 2 channel receiver, speed controller, and Green Machine(?) motor. It has oil shocks, modded front suspension, and G-10 chassis.

When I bought everything to get it going, it cost me just over $400 and took me 2 weeks to put together. This car is fast and has a range of at least 30-40 yards if not more. I sometimes like to chase cars on my street and zip under them. :wink:

I have the original box for the kit, all the decals, spare parts, and catalogs that I've collected over the past few years. I don't think you can buy a car kit of this quality and parts for under $300. I'll have to check the local hobby shop for what a new complete kit costs. I'm thinking of asking at least $200 for the whole kit, not including shipping. Beer Goggles, chime in whenever you can. :thumbsup:
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Sweet looking RC there Dave! Someone wil have fun with this!
yo yo yo smoothZ, got any pics of the rc without the body on( chassis only) i might be iterested. And how many hours u got on it? ,was the engine properly broken in. let me know
Hey, Art. Too late. I mailed it off on Saturday.

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