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Guys & Gals,

I've been asked several times where I bought my new head unit and how much it costs. I'm actually very happy with my dealings with the vendor. So, to benefit them and the Z community, I will try to put together a group buy on the Kenwood DDX7015 head unit (no nav)... normal retail on this unit is $1399

This group buy would have to take place before Xmas so I'm asking only people who are interested and ready to purchase now put their names on the list. Deadline for the feeler will be Nov 30th at 5pm

Note pricing is for brand new, factory fresh units. Not refurbished. Also, they will be coming from an authorized Kenwood dealer. So if you were to have any problems, you would be able to get them taken care of through the vendor... an option you won't have if you buy the same piece off of eBay.

I'll admit I was not exactly blown away by the initial GB prices listed below, but this is a first for this company and I think they gave me conservative pricing to start out until we see how much interest there is. The prices below would be as bad as they would get. If we have some commitments, I think I may be able to negotiate a little better pricing.

Kenwood DDX7015 Group Buy Pricing:
5-9 units = $1200 + 7% sales tax, or $1284.00
10+ units = $1127 = 7 % sales tax, or $1205.89

If you are interested in this, add your forum name to the list below. After your forum name, please indicate if you would also like the DV4100 navigation system that goes with the DDX7015. I will attempt to get further pricing on that piece. If nothing is listed after your forum name, I will assume you only are interested in the head unit. Once I have there are a total of 5 or more people between this and the other forum, I will begin further negotation with the vendor on pricing.

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Hmm.... newbie... 1 post... I really ***care*** what your opinion is. :whine:

Seriously, if you're not interested just don't post. If you are interested, you probably already noted that I don't think the GB prices are as good as they could be and that the vendor is likely pricing conservatively until he sees some interest.

I really don't care, I stand to gain nothing from the deal. I don't get a cut and already have my stereo fully installed. At best, I build some good will with the vendor.

I think what people should be asking is what other sellers stand to gain by selling this unit for $900 or so on eBay or not being an authorized Kenwood retailer. They're the ones screwing their customers. Basically, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. And that price is too good to be true (unless you are buying it through military channels).

For this unit a price in the $1100 for a new piece with full backing from Kenwood is a steal.
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