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-- New Z lifecare vehicle*also launched --

TOKYO (Sept. 8, 2005) -- Nissan Motor Co.'s iconic 36-year-old flagship sports car the Fairlady Z, known as the 350Z outside of Japan, went on sale in Japan today with new features, including a more powerful engine, as well as enhancements to its exterior and interior.
The Z, whose tagline is "SHIFT_sports," is available in more than 95 countries and has sold about 1.6 million units worldwide since 1969. The current fifth-generation Z (Z33 model) alone has sold a total of about 160,000 units globally since its release in July 2002.
As part of its remodeling, the maximum horsepower of the Fairlady Z's VQ35DE engine - the same engine that powers the 350Z anniversary model released in Japan in January - was boosted to 216 kilowatts (294 PS)/6400 revolutions per minute, up from 206 kW (280 PS)/6200 rpm. Power was boosted by increasing induction efficiency with larger-diameter air ducts and retuning the valve timing, among other improvements.
The renowned handling qualities that have always distinguished the Z have also been further improved by adopting dual-flow-path shock absorbers and vehicle-speed-sensitive power steering.
While continuing the basic design cues popular among customers, the Z's exterior styling has been enhanced thanks to a redesigned front bumper and headlamps, as well as the addition of high-brightness light-emitting diode (LED) rear combination lamps. The remodeled Z has also been given newly styled 18-inch aluminum wheel, available on all grades.
The interior features greater use of authentic aluminum accents, soft-feel materials, additional storage spaces, an optimized control switch layout and other refinements helping to enhance the Z's quality and convenience.
The remodeled Z is available in a total of eight colors, including three new choices: Premium Mystique Maroon (RP), Brilliant Silver (M) and Diamond Black (P).
Nissan also announced that Autech Japan, Inc., a wholly-owned Nissan affiliate, has equipped the Fairlady Z Driving Helper lifecare vehicle (LV)* with the Autech Drive Control Package Type e, a set of electronically controlled driving-assistance features designed for drivers with leg disabilities.

*Nissan group companies use the term lifecare vehicle (LV) to refer to vehicles that are specifically designed to assist persons with special mobility needs in their everyday lives.

Fairlady Z major specification and equipment refinements

< Engine and performance >

Engine with maximum power increased from 206 kW (280 PS)/6200 rpm to 216 kW (294 PS)/6400 rpm (available on 6-speed manual transmission models)

Adoption of dual-flow-path shock absorbers and vehicle-speed-sensitive power steering

Standard brake size increased from 16 to 17 inches

< Exterior >

Redesigned front bumper and headlamps

Adoption of high-brightness LED rear combination lamps, newly styled 18-inch aluminum wheels and Titanium Clear outside mirrors

Selection of eight body colors, including the all-new choices of Premium Mystique Maroon** (RP), Brilliant Silver (M) and Diamond Black (P)
RP: Multi-reflective Paint M: Metallic P: Pearl
**Premium Mystique Maroon is a current revival of the Gran Prix Maroon color adopted for the long-nosed 240ZG model that was added to the first-generation Fairlady Z (S30) lineup in 1971. Embodying the themes of "newness" and "Z-ness," this new premium color is distinguished by subtle changes in hue depending on the viewing angle and ambient light condition.

< Interior >

Increased use of authentic aluminum accents, including for the knob of the cupholder cover, rings of the trio of ancillary gauges, shifter finisher, air-conditioner control dials, navigation joystick ring and other locations

Adoption of soft-feel pads for the door trim

Use of soft-feel paint on the door handle panels, hoods of the trio of main instruments and trio of ancillary gauges, center console and audio/navigation system control panel

Additional storage spaces, including a card holder, cargo net at the bottom of the front passenger's seat, illuminated beverage holders in both doors and larger door pocket openings, among others

Adoption of new seat fabric

Dealers selling the Fairlady Z:

All Nissan dealers

Price range:

3,328,500 yen to 4,483,500 yen

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I lost all my memorabilia in the flood. Have something new coming soon though. Surfing Nissan Corporate site.
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