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Factory Alarm Location?

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Hi everyone in Z land :shiftdrive: I need to know were the factory alarm system unit is located in the 350z. I am installing an aftermarket pager unit that ties into the factory alarm system and need to know the location of it.

Thanks for any help :helpsmilie:

James, A new Z own
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Drivers side kick panel. Below the fuse box is the body control module. Thats what has all the wires for the factory alarm.
did you get the paging unit installed?

Hi, Nope not yet. I was going todo it last sunday but i looked at it and said **** it, ill do it next weekend.

I did how ever get all my audio, amps, speakers and head unit installed.

Ill try to post my pictures during the week when i get time.

Chat at you later Z'ers

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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