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F/S: JL Audio Subwoofer/Amps

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Hi Everyone,

I'm selling the subwoofer and amps that I had in my 2001 Prelude (which I had for all of two months, haha). All this stuff has just been sitting around my room since late last June.

The subwoofer is a JL Audio 12w3v2-D4. The "D4" denotes that the sub has dual, 4-ohm voice coils. I used it for a total of a month and a half, and it was powered by a JL Audio 250/1 mono subwoofer amplifier, which matches the sub's capabilities perfectly.

I will also consider selling the JL amplifiers I have either separately or along with the sub. One amp is a JL Audio 300/4, and the other is the aforementioned JL Audio 250/1.

I would like to get $600 for all three items, as these were all used for only a month and a half, are still in mint condition, and I have all the original packaging and manuals for them.

I'm asking $500 for the two amps. I have to sell them together to get the money I need to buy replacements, so its a package deal. The sub I'm asking $100 for; it's pretty much not even fully broken in yet. The buyer will pay shipping on the items.

Pictures will come within the next couple of days, please feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks for your interest,
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amps still available
woofer sale pending with gtabadboy from 350zmotoring

Subwoofer SOLD pending local delivery and payment

Amps still available as a package for $500 plus shipping to your door.

Here is the amp priority list:
1. Dankkx1 from amps at price mentioned above
2. keith N from and someone would need to buy the 250/1 at the same time
3. nismo_fan from amps pending on agreement at the price mentioned above
4. isugoo from amps pending agreement at the price mentioned above
Amplifiers still for sale, $500 plus shipping, firm
sub SOLD
300/4 SOLD

250/1 still available, $250 plus shipping
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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