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I am thinking about going stictly performance on my Z so having a sytem doesnt really make sense and I need some money for a turbo. This system is the best one for a 350z and sounds awesome! It is also really loud if you want it to be but it is adjustable. It has only been installed in my car for about 3 weeks.

The items I am selling are (all items will be sold together):
1. JL Audio Stealthbox that comes with 2 10w3 and gaurds. Retail $750
2. Rockford Fosgate P8002 amp. Retail $700
3. All wiring needed. Retail $80
4. Stock head unit convertor. Retail $125
All total over $1850+ shipping after taxes

Give me a resonable offer and its yours everything you would need practically new but for alot cheaper than new and you wouldnt have to pay tax on it.) Thanks

P.S. PM me if you would like me to send you some pictures.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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