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External RCA jack mod (Audio R/L+Video)

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thought of doing this mod a while back but haven't had the time. anyway got around to it finally and i am very happy with the results. i wanted to make my inputs more user friendly now i can hook up pretty much any source i want very easily. i tested it and it works like a champ. install was easy, just had a problem with getting the cup holder out. there is a bolt behind the cup holder that has to come out. anyway i bought all my parts at radio shack. total cost was about $30. i am sure this can be done for cheaper than $30 but i got some decent hardware. anyway here are three pics of the install.

I realize i could have hidden these jacks but i did not want to. i am building my Z for show so i want the modification to be seen. this mod can easily be done in a stealth fashion.

blurry pic! i cap them when not in use. the black caps makes them harder to see.
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That's a great idea but it looks kinda weird with them sticking out like that.
So what other components will you be installing ? I'm actually looking into doing something like this since my screen has two channels I want to be able to interchange a camcorder and/ or rear view camera.

They do stick out, but with the caps on and because they are located so far towards the front they are not as noticeable as they seem in the pics. the pics are zoomed in a bit with the ext. jacks being the subject, so they appear to stand out more than they really do. i might do a rear view camera not sure what else though. i already have a PS2 hooked up.
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How many video/audio channels do you have with that unit?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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