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well after a month of waiting I finally filed a complaint with Paypal. I ordered $450 worth of items from Jay a month ago. I have had to send him numerous emails asking about my stuff. He would respond a couple of days later with how everything thing was about to come in. Last week he told me that everything would be there on Wed. - well I am still waiting.

Now I am so UNHAPPY to put it nice that I dont even want what I ordered.

I am a pretty understanding person but when you take someones money you should at least update them on WHEN they will be getting there purchase.

Just old fashioned BAD BUSINESS practice.

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:helpsmilie: Hey Guys, just wanted to put out a warning or maybe someone can give me a suggestion. I purchased z4 side markers version 2 ($89. a pair) from They came in within a week but they sent me version 1 ($69.99) I've called them twice and left voicemails and also emailed them but have yet to receive a response! :banghead: :xZ!o: Anybody else purchase from this site that could give any advice. Maybe this will save someone the same trouble i have had. Thanks!
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There have been multiple mixed reviews around here on Evo-R. It has pretty much come down to a "buy at your own risk" attitude. Sorry you had to go through the trouble, it may be a while before someone notices enough to contact you from there.
yeah its weak! If I can prevent at least one person from getting ripped off it will help. I hate keeping business away from a company and this is the 1st time i've ever complained or written a letter like this.

UPDATE: i just called them again and left another voicemail. Lets see what happens.

P.S. I think they are in New York so if anybody wants to head to their office, knock on their door and get my money back I'd greatly appericiate it! :rolf2:
Thanks guys, I'll continue to call and/or email them.
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