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well after a month of waiting I finally filed a complaint with Paypal. I ordered $450 worth of items from Jay a month ago. I have had to send him numerous emails asking about my stuff. He would respond a couple of days later with how everything thing was about to come in. Last week he told me that everything would be there on Wed. - well I am still waiting.

Now I am so UNHAPPY to put it nice that I dont even want what I ordered.

I am a pretty understanding person but when you take someones money you should at least update them on WHEN they will be getting there purchase.

Just old fashioned BAD BUSINESS practice.

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i do know that the past couple of weeks the whole shop was at some car show that they had a booth...the car show was out of state from what the owner told me

i ordered another set of the blinker side markers and after a week of not hearing from them i called and that's what he told me...he also told me that he'd send someone back to the shop (last monday) to process the order and mail it out...i haven't received them yet but i'll give it till wednesday to call again...they seemed nice but kinda disorganized so not too sure what to think yet. they may just be a small, rented out shop that are trying to start up a business
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