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There have been a couple of people expressing interest in learning how to control their cars at the limit.

Aaron McGill (ex GT-P 200SX driver, current Konica Cars racer), who runs driver training, is looking for people interested in doing some skidpan work under his supervision.

Hi drivers,

To better serve you guys, our customers, we are constantly trying to bring you exciting new ways to enjoy your motoring. Please read this e-mail carefully and respond to it.

We have finalised negotiations with Eastern Creek to hire the Skid Pan from 5 pm until 9.00 pm on Friday nights during daylight saving.
Costs are the sticking point, as the venue must hire security, pay the EPA for a noise permit and have an ARDC staff member stay back.

The cost to you as drivers would be $139.00 inc GST.

We are prepared to book 8 dates over summer as long as you, our customers are wanting such an activity at that price.


Auto-Motion Australia
Ph/Fax: 02 48 722-622
Mob: 0410 317 013
Turning dreamers into drivers.
If you're interested you can let him know (so its more likely to happen) by emailing him at [email protected]

Aaron will be on hand to give you tutoring on whatever you want to do (grip or slip skills), and working on balancing your car at the limit on an open wet skidpan is a lot safer than trying to do it on the streets, or on a dry race track.

Also, being a driver training course, a lot of insurance companies will still cover you as long as you let them know in advance (check with them).

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Probably not. I'm going to the Nissan Sports Car Club xmas motorkhana which is to be held at Eastern Creeks wet skidpan in Dec. While their is no driver training, its a day full of fun for just $40.

Assuming 12 people at each course, that equates to maximum 20min of one on one driver training over the 4hr period (reality would be less time due to general group instructions etc). To me that just does not represent value for money at $140pp.
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