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Engine Specs

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Name= VQ35DE
Cam Design= DOHC
Orientation= Longitudinal
Cylinders / Configuration= V6 w/ Continuous Variable Valve
Timing Control System (CVTCS)
& Molybdenum coated pistons
Block / Head Composition= Aluminum/aluminum
Displacement (liters)= 3.5L
Horsepower= [email protected] 6,200 RPM
Torque (lbs/ft)= [email protected] 4,800 RPM
Bore & Stroke (mm)= 95.5 & 81.4
Compression Ratio :)1)= 10.3:1
Maximum Engine Speed= 6,600 RPM
Induction System= Sequential multi-point electronic
fuel injection
Valvetrain= 4-valves-per-cylinder
Engine Cover = Standard
Engine Mounts (3 mounts per vehicle)= 2 liquid filled; 1 rubber
Recommended Fuel = Premium unleaded
Emissions System= Closed loop feedback system w/
3-way catalyst
Emission Certification Level= LEV
Exhaust= Dual Outlet (single each side)
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What are the specs for duration and lift for the stock camshafts
Can somebody help me get these specs for a stock VQ35DE. I'm trying to test this new Dyno Simulator software.

Intake/Exhaust Valve diameters
Stock Induction Flow @ 1.5in/3in
Intake/Exhaust @ Valve

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