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Engine cleaning/detailing?

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I need some tips on making the engine bay shine and keeping it that way.. do you just blast it with the hose?
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I can share some tips w/ ya. I've only really detailed the engine bay twice but it is pretty darned clean. I let her sit a few hours to cool the engine down first. I left the battery connected and left the battery cover on. I used a 20-80 mix simple green:water and sprayed it on the inside of the engine (not on the paint on the firewall and not on the plastic/rubber on the outsides )careful not to get the plenum, not sure it would do to that metal. Let it sit for about 10 mins or so and just hose it down. I rinsed out the brake fluid area w/ just water. Then I used a yard stick cut in half wrapped wrapped w/ mf like a swab to dry/remove any dirt left, from the lower parts and the firewall area. (Also used this technique to use my quick detailer on the paint back there) I guess to really get it good down in the lower part of the engine bay you could go in from underneath, but that's a pain. I use Aerospace 303 on all the rubber hoses and plastic parts, and gaskets etc. If you spray it on a sponge (I used a sponge paint brush 1 1/2 inches wide) to apply it and buff it off it leaves a nice matte finish. After you detail it once it really is easy to keep up. The only thing that I got dinged on in points in my engine bay were the pulleys, I was afraid to mess w/ them so I didn't. Maybe DaKing could give some advice there....
Hope that helped....
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I also use a product called Engine Brightner ,got it from a Harley Shop it's for those hard to get at areas spray it on a Cold Engine it renews Black engine areas , hoses , rejuvenates dull plastics just spray on and walk away
Great info! I'm always worried what to use on the engine bay. So I've kept it simple up til now.

Jinxxy- I saw you using Q-tips on your wheels at the last show - Great idea for the lugs around the wheels.
i just use a super soft paintbrush if the bay gets to dusty. i got this thing about not using chemicals or water in the engine bay. the brush works just fine and gets into those hard to get spots
These steps work extremely well. I cleaned four engines the same way and it worked great.

1) Let your engine cool.

2) Use a squirt bottle to spray simple green multi-surface cleaner. (Use the stream setting on the bottle's nozzle)


4) Let it stand for 10 minutes and rinse with water.

5) Let it dry completely and apply WD-40 Wider Spray to make it shine and protect it. (MAKE SURE THE ENGINE IS DRY!!!!)

Don't worry about the smell it causes when you run the engine afterwards. This is just the excess of the WD-40 being evaporated. I will post pictures at a later time. Let me know how it goes.

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