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Engine and turbo kit for sale

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APS Extreme Twin Turbo Kit:
twin Gt28rs turbos
Tial 38mm external wastegates (modified from original configuration)
Race gas valves for WG's included
custom opened dumps
Big ass intercooler

Massive 3.5” down pipes directly from the turbos (have been modified for the opened dumps)

Fully Built opened deck VQ35 motor 2003 Non rev up
CP pistons 8.5:1
Pauter rods
ARP L19 head studs
HKS MLS headgaskets
Knife edge and micro polished crank
ACL race bearings
Ferrea valve train
Head Games full street/strip head job
Brian Crower Stage 3 cams
ATI Fluid Damper Crank pulley

Engine accessories, Plenums and Fuel system NOT included. This is for the Engine (long block) and Turbo kit already installed on it.

Asking $11,500 obo for the whole thing. Engine is still in the car and running fine, you are welcomed to come and do a leakdown and compression test for yourself. Engine has about 3000 miles if that, turbos have about 5000 tops. This is a complete APS extreme turbo kit and complete longblock ready to drop in!!!

Hit me up at [email protected]

Machine work was done by Weston Machine works, same guy did all of Vinny Ten and Performance Motorsports machining, Crank was done by Terry at Jessle performance, Heads were done by Dave Localio of Headgames motorworks (the best head guy in the industry), the assembly and valve lash was done by MRC Motorsports in NJ. Car was tuned by Me with an Fcon. Made about 650whp DD and went [email protected] in the 1/4. Oil has been changed every 500 miles, no metal flakes or shavings at all, and has seen only Motul 300V since break in....Looking to part my car out and do something a little different to it

Or buy the whole CAR!!!
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