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Eibach Pro & Espelir Active GT Springs

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Okay, so I haven't even contacted vendors about price yet, but I'm just wondering if there'd be any interest in a group buy for the Eibach Spring Pro-Kit. If there are people who would potentially be interested, I'll try to get information and prices.
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Couple of quick questions as I was thinking of adding springs to my Xmas list:

I have heard that you should not lower the car more than .8 inches in order to keep the car within in spec camber adjustments, is this true? I dont want to have to replace tires every 10k miles or buy adjustable camber arms.

How will the stock shocks hold up with a different spring set up or should I plan on replacing those too?

I dont want anything too aggressive obviously so maybe the Espelir Active GT springs are the way to go? Anyone have any impressions of these?
I have the same ?? as 007ral and a few more.

Will this throw off the alignment and will it be possible to have re-aligned?

Will this work and look good with stock wheels/tires?

If I develop feathering and I have these springs am I hosed (or do I just put the OEM springs back on?)

Will I get more women with these springs?
1]from what ive read and found from asking, the eibach pros wont need a camber kit, but u'll have to get the wheels aligned.

2]might look a lil silly with small tires, but should look fine with 18s

3]do u intend to build some sort of trap with the springs?
1. Some need camber kits, most don't. You will need realignment.

2. Looks great even with the stock 17's. Trust me. I'm looking at it right now.

3. I'm with onii, unless you're building a trap, I'm not so sure. If you do build a trap with them however, please do a write up and share with the rest of us :wink:

oo7ral -

The stock shocks will hold up. They were built for this.

Also, you will not go through tires much more quickly if you do at all. You will need an alignment, but even if your camber isn't perfect, you won't have any reason to worry. You will be fine on tire life.

And, anything less than 1" won't be noticable at all. Not even if you're comparing Z's side by side.
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As with my "mini truckin'" days, anytime you alter the geometry or height of any vehicle, an alignment is advisable . . . Since I had the notorious 2003 model, I had my alignment done by National Tire & Battery (NTB) since they had the equipment necessary to provide a laser alignment for people with 19" wheels. Best investment I made thus far . . . it corrected my tire feathering (have scanned sheet to prove it) and made my vehicle handle like it should.

If you're leary of an aggressive drop, go with the Espelirs. Not to say the Eibach's are aggressive, but even with my stock height, I'm nervous about dropping it . . .

Only 2 Eibach Springs (new) remaining . . . good luck ;)

Here are a couple of pics that I took tonight for you guys that are on the fence about it.

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Thanks for the pics . . .

Anyone wanting these springs should definitely get them before the 05 price increase (industry wide--steel & oil related).

I created a new thread since this one is somewhat misleading (labeled as a "feeler" ). Enjoy!

***This reiterates & updates what was offered on the feeler thread . . . ***

My tuner has two new sets and one used set of Eibachs (Pro Kit) with approximately 1K miles on it (he got sponsored by Espelir and had to change them) for the following prices:

Eibach Pro Kit:
New: $229 Shipped (Lower 48 states)
Used: $179 Shipped (Lower 48 states)

If anyone wants an even less aggressive drop (10mm all around), the Espelir Active GT springs can be obtained from the same vendor (I ran a group buy on the "other" forum).

Espelir Active GT Springs:
New: $215 Shipped (Lower 48 states)

He's been in business for over 10 years and is an authorized Eibach dealer. I mention "authorized dealer" because if you ever have any problems, rest assured they will be addressed in a timely fashion. Anyone who has ever tried to return products to an unauthorized dealer may come across a few hurdles, time lags, and stiff charges for shipping. They don't typically visit forums, but I figured if we could save some money, then I would work up a deal from my end ;) Due to my 10.5" rear Volks, I plan to use the Espelirs.

GB End Date: December 31st
Business: Street Sports (aka
Contact Info: 859-278-7873 ask for Shawn / Audra
Be sure to mention the group buy for the 350Z Eibach / Espelir Springs

Gary L Johnson
Sherwin-Williams Co
Sales Rep

You can reread the feeler thread: Here
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Haha. I could've just changed the name. In fact, for the sake of cheaping things on the site less cluttered, I'm going to do just that and then merge the two threads
Well, that was simple ;)

I might go for the Espelirs instead. :dunno: I'll wait until the new year for all the sales.
Sales? You mean when the prices go up? I'd take advantage of this deal if I were you. I did :biggrin:
Thanks, Dirn. I'll look into it before the year's end. I'm waiting for all the family shopping to be done with. Having a family to buy presents for puts a damper on my free-spending habits...I have to wait for the crumbs to fall through the cracks.
Just put the kids to work Smooth. Then you can sit back and watch the money roll in
Originally posted by DiRN@Dec 10 2004, 10:45 AM
Just put the kids to work Smooth.  Then you can sit back and watch the money roll in

I'm working on that. The gypsies are bidding like crazy for them on Ebay. :lol:

I tried to get my oldest son to be a model when he was about 1 or 2. He's very photogenic. Almost got called a couple of times for Target and Huggies. Close only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes....
Forget modelling, I'm talkin about manual labor
Make 'em shovel snow :D . . .

Shawn & Audra will be out of the office (off & on) for the remainder of this group buy (Dec 31st) since Shawn's attending a few tuning schools out West. Nevertheless, the shop should be able to handle the orders since they're just a phone call away ;)

Mine arrived today. Now all I need is a spring compressor
***EIBACHS are sold out from Street Sports, BUT, I have another vendor that will honor the pricing.***

FOR EIBACH ORDERS from now until Dec 31st:
Call Greg @ Injected Performance ( 859-224-0461

Continue to contact Shawn / Audra at street sports (aka

Get them while they last!

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