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Eibach Pro & Espelir Active GT Springs

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Okay, so I haven't even contacted vendors about price yet, but I'm just wondering if there'd be any interest in a group buy for the Eibach Spring Pro-Kit. If there are people who would potentially be interested, I'll try to get information and prices.
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can i had some specs for the pro kit? 1" or is it more than 1"?
if it's 1" or less i want to join.
<span style="color:darkblue">I believe the official number from Eibach is 1". I'll try to get some information tomorrow. The next couple of days are gonna be kinda hectic with work, but I'll try to get the ball rolling tonight/tomorrow morning.</span>
My tuner has three new sets and one used set with approximately 1K miles on it (he got sponsored by Espelir and had to change them) for the following prices:

New: $229 Shipped (Lower 48 states)
Used: $179 Shipped (Lower 48 states)

He's been in business for over 10 years and is an authorized Eibach dealer. I mention "authorized dealer" because if you ever have any problems, rest assured they will be addressed in a timely fashion. Anyone who has ever tried to return products to an unauthorized dealer may come across a few hurdles, time lags, and stiff charges for shipping. They don't typically visit forums, but I figured if we could save some money, then I could work up a deal from my end ;)

Business: Street Sports (aka
Contact Info: 859-278-7873 ask for Shawn / Audra
Be sure to mention the group buy for the 350Z Eibach Springs

Gary L Johnson
Sherwin-Williams Co
Sales Rep
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Eibach Pro-kit is 1" all the way around

Sportline kit is 1.2" all the way around.

I just installed mine this weekend. Like I have said, they ride smoother/less bouncy and choppy and they respond quicker.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: 2 thumbs up for the pro kit.
Thanks 350G. I'll give a call tomorrow
;) No problemo! I enjoy having a few connections that will allow fellow Z'ers save a little cash with the least amount of headache.

On a different note, I absolutely love this site (I have 300+ posts on "the other Z" site). I'm going to encourage this dealer and a distributor at "the other site" to look here for sponsoring opportunities.
Anyone in particular they should speak with?

Cool. Thanks bro! Tell them to speak to the admins, Jaysen (JTS2005) and Josh (toykilla)
I'm in if the price is good. The pro-kit is supposed to only lower an inch, like Buddy said. That's all I want.
It's a perfect drop. I will be taking pics in a couple of days. One side is lower than the other right now. Kinda weird. Hoping they will settle right. I'll let you guys know how they settle though.
Do you guys think I should get a 1" drop? I'm just afraid it will cause me to have to roll the rear fenders with my 10.5" rear (Volks).

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Originally posted by SmoothZ@Dec 6 2004, 09:57 PM
I'm in if the price is good.

The price is above . . . does that seem competitive enough? According to the grapevine, these springs costs have gone up (phenomena within the steel industry), so anyone with inventory from the "special" price (Eibach promotion earlier in 2004) has a leg up on the competition . . .

If anyone wants an even less aggressive drop (10mm all around), the Espelir Active GT springs can be obtained from the same vendor for $215 Shipped (I ran a group buy on the "other" forum).

In either case, I direct connected with the owner (Shawn) and told him that you all will ask for either the Eibach or Espelirs . . .

I hope I saved you all some cash ;)

G, you're doing a great job so far! :thumbsup:

If you're concerned about the drop, perhaps you should go with the Espilir springs. It seems pricey for 10mm, and I don't even know if one could tell except for the critical eye.
I'm in for the 1" eibach if they can send to SYDNEY AUSTRALIA at a not so crazy freight price. Best price I have seen is $209.00 from option imports....
Here's the odd thing, this is Shawn's Z (the dealer mentioned above) and he's running the Espelirs and it looks lowered . . . He also said that he loved the ride and handling (autox).

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That looks very nice. What city are they located?
Originally posted by mickyboy@Dec 6 2004, 10:35 PM
I'm in for the 1" eibach if they can send to SYDNEY AUSTRALIA at a not so crazy freight price.

Yeah, a few vendors were selling the Eibachs for a little less . . . then the price increase went into effect (read above post). If they still have a few in stock from Eibachs promotional earlier this year, then they may stick with that price. Odds are, though, that they will increase with the rest of the dealers to scrape together as much margin as they can.

LUCKILY, Street Sports does price match authorized dealers. All they need is a URL and its a done deal. The URL will protect their dealer contracts that they have with various vendors. As sad as it may seem, I've read a few of the contracts and many of the manufacturers won't let you go below a certain discount level without a price match document; without it, they have the option to "unprotect" or even cancel your dealership and protected territory.

With you being in Australia, it may increase the price a tad and I'm unsure of the shipping schedule to there. You can always ask though:

[email protected]

They will be happy to assist ya.

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Originally posted by SmoothZ@Dec 6 2004, 10:39 PM
That looks very nice.  What city are they located?

Street Sports (aka is technically located in Nicholasville, KY, which really is just on the outskirts of Lexington, KY. Lexington land values are really inflated, so most tuner shops go outside the city. The scenery in the background . . . looks like most of the landscape around the city. After all, we are the "horse capital of the world" . . . and we like bourbon :clap:

We get so bored here that we have to race something :thumbsup:
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