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Upcoming ECZA Events


Some upcoming events that the ECZA is working on or in which the ECZA will be participating:

White Rose Z Expo-York Pa - August 13 & 14, 2004
Hosted by the White Rose Z Club in York, Pa. The event includes a get-together on Friday evening, 8/13; a car show on Saturday, 8/14; and a "Tropical Breeze Luau" dinner and awards ceremony on Saturday night. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class. Several ECZA members plan on attending this event.

ECZA Summer BBQ-Sunday August 22, 2004 Brielle, NJ
That time of year already, time for the end of the summer bbq at Chris Nostards shore house in Brielle, NJ. The house is located near Point Pleasant, NJ. We will once again fire up the grill and have an afternoon of good food and good times.

This day has been lots of fun the past 2 years and this year looks to be no different. We will start cooking around noon. Chris Nostrand will provide a good amount of the food and liquor, however, donations are much appreciated. We have generally gone through 400.00+ worth of food and drinks in a day the previous years, so help from those who attend is greatly appreciated. Help can be in the form of bringing more food/drinks/chips/sides, etc. Or we have no problem collecting money and making food runs, we just prefer to have everything already there so nobody has to be running around all day buying things in the crazy NJ shore traffic.

ECZA's First Annual Summer Car Show - August 28, 2004
This will be hosted by the ECZA in conjunction with United Auto Sales in New Castle, Delaware. We have great trophies for this event! Awards for 1st and 2nd Place in each class. Registration is $10.00. The first 25 registrants will receive a goody bag. We will attempt to have refreshments on hand.

Judging will be by People's Choice in the following classes:
350Z Stock
350Z Modified
1990+ 300ZX Turbo Stock
1990+ 300ZX Turbo Modified
1990+ 300ZX NA Stock
1990+ 300ZX NA Modified
1969-1978 240/260/280Z Stock
1969-1978 240/260/280Z Modified
1978-1989 280ZX/300ZX Stock
1978-1989 280ZX/300ZX Modified

If there is enough interest (5-6 cars) we will have George from "Da Dent Specialists" on hand to do paintless dent repair. If you are interested feel free to contact Pat McCall at: [email protected]

October Meet at Concordville Nissan
The ECZA has met with representatives of Concordville Nissan regarding hosting an event at their dealership in Concordville, Pa. We may have prizes for the best in each vintage (240/260/280/300/350 etc). Please watch the ECZA forum on,, or the TT.NET Events section for more info.

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I'd recommend emailing Pat at [email protected] about the PDR guy. Don't know how many he could squeeze in in a day. You do not have to be a member to come, but we are limiting the number of Z's that are entering in the show since it is being held at a dealership and space will be limited.... If you want to enter in the show let me or Pat know.

Go ahead and sign up to be a member....I handle the memberships! The more members the better! It's FREE <---that's the best part! Wheeeeeee
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