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Originally posted by Z33Fairlady@Sep 12 2005, 06:14 AM
Hi David,

I should stop calling myself "Z33Fairlady".  My actual name is Bernard (you can call me Bernie/Bern).

I am based in Melbourne (Victoria). 

The reason behind extracting more power is I have had a fair share of losses at traffic light drags.  To date, I have been beaten by the Ford XR6 Turbo, HSV ClubSport 255Kw/260Kw.  These Australian cars are brutal in power delivery!!!

Anyway, I am not expecting miracles from just a UniChip. 


the ford xr6 turbo isnt that brutal if you have the minimum mods fitted to your car, like an exhaust (cat-back) for example....they are, however, quick on take off, from my experience, but whoever was in that ridiculous looking purple xr6 turbo, soon saw me tailights go by....

abd btw...welcome to the forums!

mr350zed - owen
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