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I need help I live in Va Im thinking of technosquare or AAM. AAM i could just drive my car to maryland and get it done. And save a hundred dollars shipping. But anyways does anyone know if they are the same in what they do for the car or if anyone knows which one is better. Thank you.

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I just got off the phone with AAM. Don't forget to consider the dyno tuning cost as well.

Not saying it's not worth it. I'm also debating whether to send mine out to TS or to have AAM do it.

I could drive to AAM also. So that alone makes it better for me. Better mapping with your car there on their dyno. Plus you can benefit from mapping of better east coast fuel.

Plus 1 day turn around! Drive in, drive out. No waiting for shipping! :)

Let me know what you do. I'm thinking this will be my next modification.
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