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Eclipse avn-2454 or Kenwood ddx-7015

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Anyone have a recommendation between the two? I am leaning towards the Eclipse since it doesn't require extra room for the nav unit, but am still undecided. I think I am going to crack and go ahead and get a Z on friday if the price is right, I can only wait so long for the 05 announcements before I explode.
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I don't know anything about the Eclipse. I have the Kenwood sitting in the box waiting to be installed. Josh (Toykilla) has it in his Z and he seems to be really happy with it.

Oh, and as far as the 2005s go, the 35th Anniversary Editions are coming out in January
I was mainly waiting on announcements to see if 05 added anything worth waiting for. I've waited a few weeks and dammit I can't stand driving my no-ac beater to work when I can pay cash for a Z tomorrow.

Are you going with the nav add-on as well, or just the primary HU?
I had originally intended on getting the Navi. But I was also originally going to put it in my daily driver (an Si). But since Civics are a lot easier to break into than Zs, I decided to move the Alpine in my Z to the Si, and I'll put the Kenwood in the Z instead. Since it'll be in a non-daily driver, at least for now, I think the Navi is a waste of money.

And yeah, I understand about the frustration of waiting for the annoucement. I doubt there are going to be any significant changes before the 2006s. But I'm basing that on nothing
pick Kenwood ddx-7015 if you have stock Nav. Pick Eclipse avn-2454 if you don't have stock nav.
I'm getting the Kenwood DDX... one of the reasons is what Bubble mentioned above. Also, it has a very easy work around for making the DVD work without the e-Brake on.

Should be able to give you the full review in about a week. Install will be this weekend or next depending on when the remainder of my components arrive.

please let me know where you get a better double din bracket for the kenwood since mine still have a tiny bit of space around the unit.
I ended up going with the Kenwood. I didn't really need the nav either, but I am glad I got it. I really hated looking at the blue background, the nav is so much nicer
plus it has come in very handy a few times already. $1599 for the head unit and nav was definitely worth the price. The Sirius addon I am not a huge fan of, I have been with XM for a year prior and prefer their music selections over Sirius.
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Eclipse tends to have better CD sound quality
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