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Eclipe AVN2454 installed Pictures

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I am looking at getting the Eclipse AVN2454 installed in my 350Z but I amm wondering if anyone has any pictures of it installed in the there car so I can see how it will look.

Plus... Where are some good places to install an mini camera on the 350 so that it can be left there with out realy being seen.

If you could please post pictures it would be greatly appreciated.


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:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: I went ahead and got the Eclipse AVN2454. I love this thing and can't figure how I ever drove without it.


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looks very nice, what kind of options does it have that made you purchase this model?
I just liked how it looked in the pictures that I had seen on the web where it was already installed in the 350Z. Plus being at the audio shop I just found that it was 100% easier to use and operate the differant functions.
It that the trim kit that comes with the unit or a custom made trim piece?

Very nice...
It is custom trim that the shop did for it.
do you get navi on that..? what options are you getting looks great

is that a touch screen? NIIICE
Its mp3, DVD, GPS, rear view camera, touch sreen with alot more. Here's web address for it.
ive gotta know..thats way to nice..i need a $$ me if you want.

thank you very much..that IS NIIICE. Nice install too..I like it
It was like 2300.00 but then I had an amp kit ran and the rear view camera war extra, but ya they did a real good job on the install. The navigation on it is real nice also. Well worth the investment to me.

Hey criticalmass12 work out much. **** dudy much prop's to ya.

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