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OK we will be having a Z dyno day Saturday November 19 at Japtrix to innagurate the new dyno.

Location: 4401 Charlotte Street, Lake Worth, Florida 33461
Click Here For Map Once you turn into Charlotte St go all the way to the back and you will see the shop.

Time: 10:00 AM

Dyno Info: Mustang Load based AWD dyno Click Here For Info

Cost: $40 for Club Members $45 for non Club Members this would be for 3 pulls
$50 for Club Members and $55 for non Club Members this includes 2 pulls and a 1/4 mile time

In order to keep things moving we will run cars in batches of same model to help streamline setup time.

Also in order to provide a personalized printout and also help keep things moving please send me your name and car model/year, this will also allow storage of the runs so it can be used in the future if tuning is done.
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