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Hey Ian, Alan thanks for getting me rolling. Here is my chart done 20/1/09. Prior I had a Hitech Catback and K & N fitted so no base reading. SAS have worked out the software code for the ECU and are able to do some fine tuning. They managed to eliminate an awful pinging at 2500 revs. Which Nissan to this day still have done zip. The car feels more punchy through to 6500/7000.
Hoops are next

Can't see the image :-(.. what was the gain?

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Went and chucked my car on the Dyno the other week as I thought that it was a little down on power, and wanted to check my AFR's. Here's the results.
Readings are in rwhp (forgot to ask him to switch it, but 226.2RWHP = 168.68RWKW



As you can see its a running a little rich... 11.1ish!! methinks I really need a tune.

K&N drop in
Hitech y-pipe back
Custom y-pipe
JWT clutch & fly
285/30/19 on the rear.


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Hey guys and gals,

just completed my last round of mods, well for this year anyway!!!!!!

Some feedback for you. Car has 70000km's. The SAS work was done at the same time

DBA 5000 slotted on the front and 4000 slotted on the rear, Ferodo 2500 pads and s/s lines with motul RBF 600. Back yard
OEM Exedy Clutch, Nismo Flywheel (21lb), s/s clutch line and RBF 600. SAS
Berk HFC's (metal substrate)SAS
HKS Oil Cooler Backyard.
Sparkplugs Backyard (NGK LFR5AIX-11 Iridium)
Tune. SAS

After bedding in, the brakes feel a lot sweeter, the modulation is what has improved and gives me a much better pedal feel.

OEM Exedy feels great, nothing much to say. Nismo Flywheel, hard to say if it has improved the rev response as SAS did all the work in one hit, but i feel the shifts have become crisper. The car drives really well, and is not any more of a bitch in traffic. Noisy??? When cold you can't hear it, when hot you do notice it below 2000 rpm, above that the exhaust does it's MTV thing so for me it's not a worry. Hopefully the s/s line will eliminate the spongey clutch on hot days as the RBF 600 alone didn't. Maybe some venting in the bonnet........

The HFC's, luurrrrrrrrrrve em!!!! They are a little louder, no rasp. See tune.

I positioned the core in front of the rad instead of the right corner as my car has the twin bi-xenon cleaners/tanks. It gets hot here so it's just an added cooling aid.
(Alan sorry bout the swap, i had just bought all the additional Earls fittings to do the job)

Spark plugs. It's a right of passage spiritual thing to replace your own spark plugs. Phark i hope i don't have to do it again on this car!!!!

The tune yielded some good numbers, Dave said the HFC's necessitated the tune to be re-done. Kw's up from 187 to 189, but torque was up from 360nm to 367nm's.
The car feels good right through the rev range up to 6500rpm . It's even more fun to drive now.

I couldn't up load today so i'll try get the dyno chart up soon.

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Fitment and tune Haltech Interceptor (piggyback ECU).


Catback dual 60mm s/s exhaust system (HSK style)
Motordyne 5/16" ISO plenum spacer
1) thermally isolates upper and lower plenum
2) 5/16" spacer alleviates airflow restriction above first two intake runner inlets
3) throttle body coolant control valve installed, presently -OFF i.e. no coolant flow to plenum
fr tyres 235/45 attempt to improve tendency to understeer (rr 245/45) on 18x8 Track rims

This is my first Dyno run since owning the car, unfortunately no base line to compare unmodified, the green 'before' run is with the OEM ECU with the above mods in place.

please comment on the air fuel ratio, mostly 13:1 and a bit leaner early in the rev range - is that ideal for NA VQ35DE? When I asked tuner about ratios he said it depends on engine/application...all different. I think the dip at 95-100 is the VCT change?

short video clip

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Relevant Mods
- Haltech Platinum Interceptor
- Motordyne plenum spacer
- BMC CDA intake
- Tomei v2 headers
- Ultimate Racing HFCs
- HiTech catback exhaust

Yellow boxes = before tuning
Green boxes = after tuning


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Good Work Vai!

Here are my results after a tune from Tunehouse!!!

Don't have a scanner, so had to take pictures of it and outline the results as they were hard to read:

195.356 rwkw

- Greddy Emanage Ultimate
- 1/2" Motordyne Plenum Spacer
- Mishimoto CF intake
- 3" Samco intake tube
- 3" Z1 MAF
- Xforce hiflow Cats
- Xforce exhaust system
- Tomei V2 Headers
- 19" Axis Hiros

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