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DVD NAvigation

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I just traded in my Infiniti FX 35 that was loade with options for a 350Z Enthusiast Roadster. I had a 350Z coupe before the FX35. I love the Roadster. I can't seem to get a straight answer about the DVD navigation system though. Can I have it added to my car by a Nissan dealer. I had it in my FX35 and I loved it. That is the onlt option I would like to have added to my current 350Z. I know it's about a $2000 option, but can anyone tell me if I can get the Nissan DVD Nav system in my Enthusiast Roadster. If not, then what system is recommended? I've seen some of the Pioneer systems on the net, but I really like the Nissan system with the birds-eye view perspective. I have the center console opening in my car, but it has little use really; I'd much prefer the DVD nav system. Any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your responses!
Reid G.
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You might try the Nissan web site and see if it is an option on your car...I think there are threads here that discuss that issue and if memory serves me right the NAV is wired and installed at the factory and non-NAV vehicles are not so wired...
Yes you are correct! These cars are prewired for Nav. They make it virtually impossible to add it afterwards. As a matter of fact I did some homework. I found an online discount Nissan dealership that had all the parts to make it work. Grand total was over 4K! I went to my local nissan dealer and they gave me a total just over 5K! And they wont install it! I was in the same situation so i did a lot more homework...I came up with the following which i also posted on another thread so I will just copy here...Please let me know if you have any questions or interests...

Here's one more PC option for you. As you know, InCarPCs, CarPC, Carputers, or whatever the **** you want to call them or becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, if you are not tech savy, they are not the most easiest thing to build. And once you get the physical hardware together, getting the software to work with the front end and all the external peripherals is also a challenge. Once again, for all the computer savvy people, it definitely is possible. But for those that want to have a box that does it all, here's my solution.

As you know, there are a host of different front end / skin applications that integrate everything to one main user interface. Some of the popular ones are FrodoPlayer, Centrifuge, Media Engine, etc...The one I found most appealing and developed is RoadRunner from Guino. The software is consistently updated and all issues,concerns, questions, and comments are practically immediately dealt with.

So along with Guino's help, we have introduced an all in one solution for the ultimate in car music/video/DVD/GPS/computing/phone/ anything your mind can think of tool! I have been in the car stereo business for some time and have networked this PC to several shops who seem to be all over it. One shop that has taken high interest is West Coast Customs who do all the cars for MTV's Pimp My Ride. The other shop is Speaker Works who have won more IASCA (International Auto Sound Challenge Association) competiitions then anyone else. They even have their own brand of speakers USD Audio! As a matter of fact, they are going to use this PC for their head unit on a bug they are building for septembers issue of Car Audio and Electronics as well as Euro Motorsport and 3 three other import car magazines...On top ofthat, this car is part owned by Zapco who builds very high end Car AUdio amplifiers. There's a chance this will be part of Zapco's show car for CES, Cema, along with many other shows.

So that said, heres what the PC will consist of. The usual Via Epia C3 Processor everyone is using;Ultra Slim Case, 512MB Ram, 80 Gig Harddrive, DVD Rom, Audigy Sound Card (DVD-Audio Capable), WinTV TV/FM card, XM radio tuner, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS! And all the components are top notch components (Kingston Ram, WD HardDrive,etc). Here are various screen shots:

Car WinXP:

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The prototype price will be right around $1100. This is to get feedback on the unit as well concerns, comments, recommondations,etc...Once the beta testing phase is over, the price will be in the 1500-1700 range....
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