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Driving Advice Anyone??

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I need some advice. I recently joined the club and I have no experience in racing. The company I work for has a track day where they rent the track for the day. Everyone is bugging me to run the 1/4 mile. I am driving a stock enthusiast and I am very excited to take it to the track. Keeping in mind that I know nothing about running a 1/4 mile, can you give me any good tips? Launch, shifting, etc. What kinds of times can I expect to run if you take into account my inexperience as well? There are some people that I work with that race all the time, but I thought that kick*ss Nissan enthusiasts such as yourselves could give me better advice.
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I'll forward this to some of the guys who run the 1/4 mile tracks all the time! Hope someone can help out, as I canNOT :biggrin: but I do know who can!!!! See who we can scare up for ya.....
Lower the tire psi to 25, take out the spare and jack. Don't try to rev too much and dump the clutch, first run just try easing off, then if you feel comfortable, try revving to ~2500 rpms and launching. All I can think of right now. Oh yeah, don't get your tires wet in the burnout pit, go around it and then spin 'em, with street tires, you don't need to wet them before you burnout, you will just get water in the lip of the rim and will then drip back onto your tires when you are about to launch. One more thing, as soon as the last yellow light comes on (not the staging lights) launch, by the time you react the light will be green. :)
Yeah what he said.
And go as fast as you can!!!!
:biggrin: Thanks for the advice!! If there is anything else just post it here. I will probably run the car in March, so I will post the results then.
Be careful at the staging sensors, there are two sensors and lights that will be triggered when approaching the stage mark, go very slow until the first stage light illuminates and then even slower until the second stage light illuminates, be ready to brake immediately after second stage light illuminates. That way you won't have to back up an look like a :newbie:
Yeah, don't dump the clutch and floor the gas. Your 60 ft times will suffer even though you make up for it eventually down the strip. My reaction times were great, but I burned too much rubber. Need to practice on that...

Also, be careful not to hit the rev limiter. Your fuel pump will cut off and you'll stumble. Happened to me once going down the strip.
Agreed. Oh yeah, another thing, don't have either windows rolled down, they require both of them to be up, and make sure both of the doors are closed, and the hatch is shut, and the hood if you decide to open it sometime. :doh: BTW, you can get a red light for going too far on the second staging light, which you will lose to the other car regardless of if you have a faster time or not. Again, all I can think of right now. If I remember some more i'll add to it, I might be going to the ¼ mile drag track today myself. :)
What about the power curve? Is there an optimal rpm shift range? I am glad you are telling me all of this because I don't know anything. It is helping a lot. My car is almost broken in!! Only 200 miles to go!!
No experience with the 350Z, but...1-2k rpms before redline (which is 6700 I think), might want to try 5400 and see how that works.
Don't forget to TURN OFF the TCS!!!

A Hui Hou

One of the most simple things I didn't include. :doh:
also, don't forget to press the little button to tuck in your sideview mirrors, might cut .00001 off your time.

Also save weight, get rid of your spare tyre if not already mentioned.
.00001 huh? :lol: I am going to have to remember that one!! It looks like the rankings at this event are based on top speed and not time, which seems kinda strange.
Hey everyone!! The track day finally came and passed and in the end I only got 2 runs in. There were 4-5 other associations there that night, so it was pretty crowded. Since this was my first time racing, I took the first run easy to see how everything worked. I pulled out a 15.2 at 96 mph with my bone stock enthusiast. With the second run I turned in the following numbers:

60' - 2.342
330 - 6.374
1/8 - 9.646
MPH - 76.18
1000 - 12.452
1/4 - 14.810
MPH - 96.86

I am in Arizona, so I don't know how much altitude and temperature affect times, but let me know what you all think. Also, the tires didn't catch very well off the line and I do not know if that was due to the rpm I launched at or just that the tires suck.

I am hooked now and I am going to try to get out to the track again soon (hopefully with some mods).
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NICE TIMES!!!! If you adjust to sea level, that is a 13.8!!!! VERY NICE JOB!!!
Are you sure about that? 1 second seems like a lot of time for just an altitude change.
I'm positive, it's from the NHRA.
One of the most simple things I didn't include. :doh:
<div align="right">[snapback]72993[/snapback]

embarrassing question...what does TCS stand for?
One of the most simple things I didn't include. :doh:
<div align="right">[snapback]72993[/snapback]

embarrassing question...what does TCS stand for?
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Traction control system. Only on Performance, Touring, Track, and 35th anniversary models.

Go to for a demonstration.
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