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Do you have a page for your Z???

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If so post in here. I was lookin thru the 300+ 350Z's they have on there and I think some of our crew needs to represent. Here is mine:

Let's bump up each other's ratings!
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I started one before my wreck, but never updated it. I might do one for my new z once I get some more stuff on it.. and some more free time.
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Yeah, I saw your old one. And DiRNs too (although eh-hem DiRN it needs updated!) I think those are the only one's that I have seen of 350z-tech's members... anyone else??
<span style="color:darkblue">Yeah, I have a page that hasn't been updated in a long time. I'll eventually update it pending some other stuff (long story). link

I have to setup one for the Si one of these days</span>
Mine's up there... usually don't get good ratings since my car lacks bling-bling wheels and a body kit, and it doesn't have a deafening stereo.
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just made it for my Z when I saw this thread , gotta represent !


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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice Art, great advertising!!!!!! LOL
No cardomain site for me. I've got too many car forums to waste my workday already!
Here's mine. Please visit and rate my car!!!!



My Webpage
Jinxxy, thanks for the tip on the cardomain site. I didn't know it existed! I will be sure to put my Z up when I get it. BTW, you have a great car!! -- Jim
Shezzzhot thanks for the rate. Make sure to tell me when you find your id so I can rate yours up. LbSohk I will rate your tonight. Make sure you go to mine as well.
Threw a few pics up there to get me started. Haven't done any page dress up, but the most important part is there...

Awesome guys (and gals!) I just rated everyone's Z, signed guest book and added friends!!!
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**** I need to make one of these, as well. Thanks for the reminder. Here is the Z page I made for myself (for the time being).
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