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Hey guys,
I'm driving a 2006 enthusiast 350z and I'm looking to install a switch that will allow me to disable/turn off ABS while I'm at the track. Sure the button under the steering wheel works but I've found that I don't remember to turn it off and it doesn't seem to turn all the way off. I've been told there is a plug that is under the center console/arm rest near the base of the hand brake. Since I don't have heated seats (like in the touring model) there is just blank covered holes so the switches should fit right in. The only thing I'm not sure of, is how the wiring will work so if anyone knows anything about how the wiring might work or suggestions on how else to do it. I've heard about pulling a fuze but I am not looking to do that a switch will be much easier and more convenient.

Thanks for your input!

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Having driven and raced the Z33 for many years, I don't know how disabling the ABS will help you at the track. It's a powerful, but heavy car and even with years of experience, ABS is faster, and makes the Z more predictable.
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