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Diecast model of Nismo Z!

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I was at the Mall of America yesterday when I saw a new store that sells nothing but toy vehicles. Of course, I looked for the Z. Found a few Skyline GT-R's, an old Datsun 240Z all tricked out, and then this:

Muscle Machines

The model was of a Nismo Z convertible. ****, the details were awesome! Only $39.99, but the manager was going to give me his discount, whatever that was. Too bad I wasn't in the spending mood. I'll go back for it next week.
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Smooth, that link doesn't show a convertible. Was it red?
No, it was silver. I was looking at Nismo wheels and cross-drilled rotors on this 'toy.' Couldn't believe the detail! And all the stickers, graphics, etc were cool.

I am going to have to make a special hutch for the garage for all my Z toys.
Did it look anything at all like this?


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Sorry the pics aren't great, I took em too quick


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Well, isn't that special! There you go! That's it! But for some reason, I remember silver. How much did you pay for 1. I was looking at a price tag of $40. Thought I might be able to find 'em cheaper elsewhere.
Yeah, $40 is a total ripoff! I paid like $25 at Target. I'm sure they make other colors. I know they make at least two colors of the GT-R. It was probably a markup for being in a specialty store. I haven't opened it yet, but it looks pretty cool. I have a huge stack of 1:18s in the garage waiting for the move in a month. Haha
Ah, le Boutique Target. Gotta love them. I really should buy stock in them since they're a local company...

I'll go check out their toy section soon and see what I can find. Thanks, Dirn!
Good luck! I basically hit up the toy car aisle first whenever I go to Target. Kmart and Walmart too. But here, the Target definitely has the best selection
How come I can't ever find any 350z toys in stores???? What, is Pittsburgh like 3 years behind the times....wait....uh, I live here, yes they are!
DiRN you may want to unload some of those models before the move......
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<span style="color:darkblue">Haha, sorry jinxx, but all the Zs (and all the GT-R, C6, Camaro, and GTOs) actually get their own room after the move. And carrying them all the way across the street won't be too much work
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**** I want to buy some more of them. So tempting...
This is weird, but I just had a memory flashback. I remember when I was about 8 or 9, my dad had bought a model kit of a 280Z that we had to put together. What was cool about it was that it came with a motor, the wheels turned, the lights worked, but it wasn't a R/C. After we got it all put together, we turned out the lights, he lit up a cig, we turned on the Z with all its lights, then he slowly blew the smoke underneath the car to make it look like fog at night. I don't know what brought that back up from the depths of my murky mind...

That is all...
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Originally posted by SmoothZ@Jul 25 2004, 09:20 PM
Well, isn't that special!  There you go!  That's it!  But for some reason, I remember silver.  How much did you pay for 1.  I was looking at a price tag of $40.  Thought I might be able to find 'em cheaper elsewhere.

I have it in silver, actually it is more of a dark gunmetal, and I have seen it in green too. I got mine at KB toys for right around $16. I don't know if you have KB around you, but they usually have a bunch of the metal models and they are usually marked down quite a bit. You might check there too.
Oh man, KB. I haven't been to one of those in ages!
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