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So i am looking for things that are needed in the Z communit where i can put my skills to use.

I am looking to develop fiberglass sub enclosures for the stock location. I can do 2 options:

1) would use stock sub cover and be completely stealth.

2) would have the sub exposed for the Wow effect.

Finish could be on an individual basis, but the #2 box could be finished in vinyl, paint, primed or whatever comes to mind.

I need to get a feel for what kind of interest there is out there. If the market is big enough i can make a mold and make these pretty quick and at a much lower cost.

Obviously 1) would be much easier and cheaper to make, and i would like to start with that first, but i am open to ideas.

These boxes would be for 10" subs, or i could also do 8" upon request.

Post up your comments.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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