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There's an article in USA Today (today) about car depreciation. Pic of a Z33 roadster. Says: "350Z a winner, retains 62% of value ...."

Can an EVO do that?......
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Good find, bro! I heard about another article from 6 or 9 months ago that ranked the Z33 at #2 with the same percentage. I don't remember what #1 was, but the source was not USA Today.
my local paper had an artical that rated cars that held over 50% of their value and the z was there it also had some info on the engine stating that its one of the best in the us on the road now ,.. from Miami Herald
Just wait a few yrs.....

I'll see those 'other cars' in the junkyard when I drive past in my Z. I'm not so worried about depreciation on a 'keeper' anyway.

& that Herald article's right about the VQ.
yup i read it at the nissan dealership while i was looking around the guys there hadent seen it yet they took the paper and were showing it to every one who walked in!
The Nissan V6 is the equivalent to the Chevy 350. It's a time-tested engine that just keeps going.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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