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Dent Removal Question

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Just wondering what a reasonable price for dent removal is. Also, do they charge by the dent, or how does that work? I have 3 i need taken care of two decent door dings and on minor one. Wondering about paintless and non-paintless. The two larger ones are scratched to, but if it's too expensive then I may just try some of that nissan touch up spray.
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If the dent is the right size you can get it out with a plunger, so try that first.
two about the size of a dime and one that's hardly noticeable
Ah, those are probably too small then. Sorry I couldn't help more. PS, have any of you guys seen that infomercial about the dent remover? Something like 2 suction cups, then you glue something and unscrew it and it supposedly works. My mom has one of those, and it works great!
Actually I already bought that but I've heard that it has a tendency to make dents too. ive been waiting on a way to test it first before i use it on 'the sweetness'
lol, the sweetness
I had dent wizard get rid of a small ding on my rear fender. It cost 90$ and it was well worth it. Just make sure its a reputible guy. The dealer where I took mine wouldn't let the local guy do mine so they had a guy come in from their western office. Do a search on yahoo for dent wizard and it will guide you through the rest of the way.
Ched, if you don't get it fixed by August we are having PDR dude come out to the ECZA show in Maryland, he's done tons of Z's (all gens)...
Hmm, that may not be a bad idea.
When is it? What's the cost,etc?
I get very mental about dents or scratches and I notice everything. After dent wizard I couldn't find any evidence of a dent.
dent wizard
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What is dent wizard? (sorry for the dumb question)
Originally posted by Mikey@Jun 15 2004, 12:08 AM
What is dent wizard? (sorry for the dumb question)

One of the many places that perform paintless dent removal. They use special tools to remove dings and dents in cars from inside the fender/door, ect.

Do a search on Yahoo for "paintless dent removal" There are alot of different companies that do this.
Anyone know of a good place for PDR in the DC area...preferable on the Northern Virginia side of DC? I tried doing a search on it but only got returns for PDR training and PDR tools (like Pops-a-dent). I also tried to go to Dent Wizard but they're site is down.
Ding Depot, Vienna VA

3 search hits on

Dent Masters (tysons corner, sterling, manassas, fredricksburg and alexandria)

Dentless Image, alexandria VA

----> no website for these guys GO DENTLESS, INC. of NORTHERN VIRGINIA Automotive Paintless Dent Removal, Hail Repair, and 3M Paint Protection Film installation in Northern Virginia, by Go Dentless, Inc. (703) 928-4788.

Hope one of these works out for ya!!!!
jinxxy -

you are a wealth of info. why don't you move to SoCal and help me run my life.


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Originally posted by Richard 350z@Jun 16 2004, 01:12 AM
jinxxy -

you are a wealth of info.  why don't you move to SoCal and help me run my life. 

Ah Richard, I moved here to Pittsburgh FROM SoCal, LA, Venice Beach to be exact.....wish I COULD move back there! LOL But hubby hates the city, the people and the traffic....oh well. If I was still living there rest assured I wouldn't be affording the Z w/ the rent I was paying in VB!!! The old Eclipse Turbo would still be in action!

Here is a pic of me hanging out infront of a few of my fav. homes on the beach in Venice....the purple one is awesome!


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