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Death Penalty

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you can't fight killing with more killing... who gave life is the one who should take this life... so in my opinion, no human have the right to take another human life. this goes also for death penalties because these laws are human made and these laws are not perfect... if the judge was raised the same way a criminal was raised, he will be a criminal 2, he will kill people and he will do bad things... i think a human is made criminal and not born criminal... it is our responsibility as a society...

There is no way anyone is going to hold me responsible for atrocities committed thousands of miles away. They're also not in my home 24 hours a day to protect my family from someone who doesn't care about human life. With that being said, I will gladly take the life of another person if they threaten my well being.

I have the human right to protect myself from death, which might mean that I take matters into my own hands. That person who wants to infringe on my right to live also makes a conscious decision to take his life into consideration. Chances are that the conflict will escalate to the point of someone losing their life, but that's a 2-way street. The bad guy wants to play with my life, he better be willing to pay with his.
301 - 301 of 301 Posts