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Dealer in NJ that I can trust?

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I'm slowly approaching the 1st servicing for my Z, and after hearing all the horror stories which people are having at the dealership, I'm scared to bring my car in! I bought my car at Lynne's Nissan in Bloomfield, and it wasn't a good experience. I had a 90' 300zx that I brought in for servicing one time, and those [email protected] stole my sub! Needless to say I don't want to bring my new baby in there for work. Anyone in NJ have a good dealer they go to?
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When I absolutely need to bring her to a dealer, I go to Hilltop Nissan in Denville, which is where I got the car
The words "DEALER" and "TRUST" shouldnt even be in the same paragraph together...
I live outside of Flemington and I have gone to the dealership there a few times but only once to have them do the grease streaks on my windows. Well they only did one door after having the car for three days and when they put the door panel back on, they didn't even do it right, the plastic tabs are still sticking out and are bent. I ended up fixing it myself. I totally agree with Daking, trust and dealerships should not be in the same sentence. That is why I have always wanted to do my own work, because I know that I can do a better job than the dealership.
Wow, that makes me even more scared to bring it to the dealer! I'm starting to see grease streaks, there is a rattle coming off of the security light on the left front dash, and the foot rest is practically falling off. I wanted the dealer to take care of these problems, but I'm thinking to do it myself now! Let me ask you guys this, if you do your own maitenance, oil, filter, you void your warranty?
If you changing the oil fvcks up your car, then yeah. Otherwise, no.
stay away from the dealership for as long as you can...
I've been to few dealerhips in NJ , and all are the same ...
Cherry Hill Nissan, NJ is pretty good, they seem to have a few good Z car techs - what a struggle for NISSAN, they introduced so many new models in the last 2 years, how can they possibly keep up with the training or specialization on any of their models.
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I agree with Dirn Hilltop is the best. I've delt with Lynnes in Bloomfield with my Frontier and my wife's Sentra and have had nothing but problems with them.
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