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Hi everyone,

My question pertains to the cam caps.. I dug and could not find anything specific for my case. I had taken over a 350z from my brother who had relaced the driver side cylinder head on. The original head had bent valves and it was cheaper to buy a new head and cams complete. With the new head, he had used 4 of the 6 caps that came with it and took the 2 center most caps on each cam from the old cylinder head and used it on the newly purchased and installed head. On that head, the exhaust camshaft has snapped.

What I would like to know is this, weather I am buying brand new cams or getting used ones in great condition, when it comes to installing them, does the caps need any refinishing/attention/etc or are they good to go? Also, are caps specific ONLY to the cylinder head they came from, or can the caps be interchanged and used on the same heads and side of other cylinder heads? I have been told that it is very crucial that the caps are kept in the same sequence and orientation with the head they originally came with and that if a cap is damaged or lost, unless you want it re machined, that head is scrap.. If someone could clarify the importance of caps or could point me to an in depth article or thread, that would be awesome!

Thanks guys in advance!
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