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You love your car and want to keep it looking as best as possible. For this, basic car maintenance, wash, and wax might be not enough, especially if your prized possession is no longer new.

If you want a truly impeccable paint finish on your Nissan 350Z, dive into the world of car polish with Rixxu Detail Products. They will help you remove scratches, sanding marks, swirls, and other paint damage quickly and easily.

Our tech expert Greg is back at the shop with a 2001 Ford Mustang to demonstrate how these products work. Follow these easy-to-do steps and bring out the shine back with Detail Products by Rixxu!

Rixxu™ - 16 oz. Pre-Surface Prep

Rixxu™ - 16 oz. Pre-Polish

Rixxu™ - 16 oz. Finishing Polish

Rixxu Detail Catalog: Rixxu™ Auto Detailing -
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