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Hello all,

I've an european version of 350 (2004 models)
I will install Alpine system into it with NVE099 P , TME M770 Screen and DVA5210 (MP3/DVD)

But I'd like to keep the BOSE system for several reasopn like :
Look, Functionnality of command on steering wheels (Volume / track change) and GSM Functionnality , I've the Nissan GSM Kit integrated with the BOSE system.

My first idea was a Modulator FM but several comments says that this possibility is not perfect du to the low signal , so it's necessary to increase the volume to listen something.
On european version we haven't SAT Radio Input....

Some people have alreday try or use this idea ?

Or some people have an idea for create an other entry ? I've try with the NAVI entry, but it's only on the left speaker not on all ...

Any comments ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Hey Regis,

Welcome to the website! I came across this website that has a nice feature called a sound system interface and allows you to add a secondary system to the first to control up to 4 channels. This be another option for you to look into to help you keep the bose system. I also remember that some people have spliced into the Bose radio and sodered a connection to where the voice navigation connects. They use this new connection to add an audio input. Good luck!
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