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Congrats Chaparro

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Z of the Week: Chaparro

He has done some very nice mods and to name a few, vortech SC, Volks SF challenge gunmetal, etc. so be sure to check it out!!

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****.. he has a lot done ... nice ride (who ever the owner is)
i have met him before, a very down to earth nice guy. his car sounded so sick when he pulled up, i could only droll listening to the BOV of the Vortech. After i heard that, it made me want one that day. i still do, but no $$$ atleast for now.
i can only dream for now lol i pay 8gs a year on insurance!! i would love to have that stuff but dont really see it happening, that is if i pay for it.. but if i cna find a rich hot blonde it would good lol.
8 grand a year on insure. ****, if its that much just for insurance, I'll never be able to afford one.

Couple tickets, hit and run,??? Some special insurance?

Lets hear it.

I just now realized my car was Z of the week. That's cool as ****. Thank you guys a bunch. New mods on the way. I completely stripped sub and amp rack from the rear. I am sponsored by Dynnamic Audio and we are redoing the whole thing. Turns out a few people liked it a lot from the show and are getting it done. I actually sold my setup to a Z owner. We are going for bigger and better.

Looks like 2 10" MTX 9500s Subs and 2 Xtant amps with the entire thing fiberglassed. I will take pics when it happens. Won;t be for a couple weeks. Until then, it's just the sound of the exhaust and blow off valve


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chaparro your car is completely different from when i saw it about 3 weeks ago!! nice job
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