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ok, welll i have a 35th Anv. Same motor as Track. But my question is what is the main diffrence, like the VTC exhaust cam is diffrent on the track/35th. What is this exactlly? My main concern is when it comes to rebuilding the motor and i get a new bottom end and new heads with new cams, when it is installed will it work with my car? Will i have to have the cam gear for the 35th/track reinstalled or can i go to normal gears? Will it work with new cams? Dose this make it harder to degree the cams? Any info would help thanks!

Here are some pics,

1. Picture 1 is your normal VQ35DE motor with normal exhaust gears
2. Picture 2 is your VQ35DE motor with the Track/35th exhaust gears

(Notice the highlighted peice)

Picture 1

Picture 2
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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